As an average photographer of KL, many already knew this place. A paddy field which attracts many for photo shooting. With a vast land (unblocking view) just for paddy, it catches many eyes looker who passed by this place.

The Paddy Field in SEKINCHAN

Came for second time this round, just a simple visit a.k.a drop-by. The best season perhaps, just before the harvest season normally by Dec. Now the paddy has grown at our thigh level.

It’s hot and we came after 3pm which the direct sun doesn’t too hot. This area was open for anyone, to enter for fun & get around for a view. Photo enthusiastic like this place and spent many hours just to get the best shot.

With same DSLR which already 3 years old, I tempted again on Sekinchan photography.

Parked the car by road side, entered the field in whatever direction or entrance available. All entrance looks same. Hard to determine which one is good.

My tripodbasic equipment for scene shooting

Amazing fieldonly 2 of us

Paddy Runchase her

Drying upbut the paddy grows healthy

Yahoo!representing our feeling

Small water canalinfinity long 

In the middle of the fieldover 1km long

Broken bridgetoo risky to cross over with DSLR on hand

Sekinchan is not only famous with paddy field, but also seafood. After we completed our hee-haa at the field, we went for early dinner due to hungriness.

It was a simple yet pleasure trip for photo shooter like me.

Bye Sekinchan.