Amazing Race 2012, an event held by GTO of Standard Chartered Bank. Without any experience prior joining this event, apart from Treasure Hunt, I was left amazed when it comes.

Langkawi Lagoon Resort | Amazing Race 2012

At first thought, Amazing Race was all about the jungle or highway race. It was wrong. It’s a challenges/tasks to be completed prior each destination stated in CLUE paper. Destination this year is Langkawi and we travel all the way from KL to Langkawi in 4 hours at least.

A team formed by 3 members with me as driver. Started from KL in the early morning and ended at Langkawi Lagoon Resort where all task clues were given. Skipping any tasks will cause stuck and disqualified.

Tasks only revealed when we reach designated place. We required traveling one place to another, hence car transportation is required.

This event run 2D1N over the weekend, hence we’d our short holiday cum challenges. It was too fun to miss it!

As the event started …

6.00am … Morning briefing

All participants (3 of us) gathered on the lobby @ Technology Park Malaysia (TPM). It’s a must ATTEND briefing because CLUE 1 was given here. Without CLUE 1, we’ll not able to get our ferry ticket.

Departure pointfrom TPM (KL) to Langkawi

Briefing from organizeron safety and rules

Clue 1gets ferry ticket

11.00am … Reach Kuala Kedah jetty

All team were given about 5 hours to reach the jetty from KL to Kuala Kedah jetty for ferry departure. However, I found many participants were quite punctual and reach even earlier than us. It’s amazing race on the road for first challenge.

In fact, we’re advised not to speeding because last ferry departure would be around 2.00pm.

Parking was not sufficient at the terminal hence I was asked to drop all passenger and luggage and follow parking tout to park at people house garage nearby with daily fees.

Then, he fetched me back to terminal using his motorbike.

Terminal Kuala Kedahalternative jetty to Kuala Perlis to Langkawi

Waiting areaall-blue participant dominated the place

Ferry group bookingwe moved into queuing line

Good weathersunny and hot

Getting ready to depart via ferrywith our entire luggage for 2D1N stay

Surrounding areaclean and organize

Comfortable seat with air-conestimation of less than 2 hours to reach

View from the ferrygoing to be 2 hours ride

1.30pm … Langkawi, The Jewel of Kedah

After a long ride via ferry, we finally touch down the island. From here, we’ve to move directly to the place where our CLUE 2 mentioned, “Find a man with Langkawi T-shirt with a hat”.

Kuah Jettya sight of Eagle Square

Clue 2pay & obtain our car key (it’s not FREE)

Outside KFC outletpay & get our car key (randomly take)

Some get better car, some are not. We’d taken a Proton Wira as our car rental for a day till next day (24 hours). Air-con doesn’t really cold and hence, we suffer under a hot and stuffy car. Petrol level was in low, hence we took our time to pump half tank.

Only driver need to claim the car (Clue 3) … drive back to fetch us and READY!!

Our rented caruse to complete all our challenges ahead

First challenge task (Clue 4)finds and purchase items required

Bought from mini-marketa hunt of chocolates that sell everywhere

Submitted our items (Clue 5)proceed for next destination (wet market)

Without help of GPS, it’s quite hard to locate those places. It would, however, great disadvantage compare those with GPS aid.

Long queue waiting their turnto have our next Clue challenge

What are they doing at the market at this hour?you wouldn’t believe

Gross and difficult for us guy (Clue 6) … clean the fish included its internal organ

Smelly hand (Clue 7)how to bear with the smell?

With GPS aidwe reached this Agro Park

Lucky to have this transport transfersave some energy under hot sun

Small lorry used to transport usmodified for park use

Camping sitelarge area for camper who to try family camp

Clue 8Easy task to prepare our own lunch

Packed on our ownnasi lemak set

Boil our own eggwaiting for 10 mins patiently

Blend our own juice using hand3 cups for us please

Grill our own fishas what we’ve prepared earlier

Our lunch mealall on our own effort

3.30pm … Late lunch at Agro Technology Park

At this hour, we’ve no choice but to eat our lunch first before proceeding. This task was a point earner. Nothing is much more delicious than what we’ve prepared on our own.

Next destination Buffalo Park

Committee was aroundquickly go in for next task immediately

Five tasks to be completewith each task earn a ribbon

Cost for each rides for outsidercurrently we do all for FREE

Participant with tasks briefingnot many know how to do

Telling us to use this rope and cutter to bring back grasschop & tight it in

Feed the buffalowe did it for free

Free job as well pick up the shit

Proudly having one pilethe stinky job

Moving buffalo from Point A back to Point Awish they follow you else stuck in middle

Buffalo ridingI’m the buffalo riding my team member as my turn

Last task is easiest onedrink the buffalo milk, FREE of course

Clue 10proceeding to Oriental Village, a tourist place

Oriental Village entrancewhere Langkawi Geopark located

Clue 11splitting task for every of us

Boat paddling at the lakeit’s closed from public, only open for us

Cost for paddlingfor each boat, depending on pax

Challengeslooking for ball with number assigned to us

One of the challenges israbbit feeding & identifies its gender

FREE entranceonly pay for food cost

Feeding the groupwhich one is female?

My turn for Snake Challengetake out the ball with snake on shoulder

Get the ball from this container contain snakemust overcome the fear!

Elephant Challengemuch easier task

Feed the elephant with bread … easy to complete

Breath-taking sceneryI wish I’m a visitors, not participant

Crowded cable-car line-uphope to get this ride in my next visit

Clue 12proceeding to paddy field

Called Laman Padithis is paddy field entrance

Clue 13three tasks to be complete

Paddy Challengechunk in the crop on the designated area

Get the source of crop heremoved to designated area for planting

Our workis this planted nicely?

Fish Challengecatch the fish using the net, but very hard

Traditional Skill Challengetime-consuming but has to do it

We tried our skillput piece by piece

Passed or not?I don’t think so

Clue 14last clue where we heading to the Resort and check-in

Car park fulllead us to park at road side near our stay

Checking-inLangkawi Lagoon is a wonderful resort

7.00pm … Check-in Langkawi Lagoon

We were hit by the rain during the check-in. In fact, our challenge in Paddy Field already started raining and we stuck for half an hour. Delaying our move for final Clue.

Fortunately, we reached before dinner started. Checking in quite late and we moved to our room immediately with buggy service. Our unit was water chalet which deems to be luxurious and wonderful.

Stay in third floorwalk up one floor, open the door and walk up again

Corner bedfor one person

Double bed for 2 paxstudio type

Kitchen cornerlook useless for us

Oversee the seafrom kitchen’s window

What a nice sunset viewwithout sun but amazing feel

Dinner in open airgood ambiance and romantic

Free flow of beerone of the favorite of this free duty island

Scrumptious dinnermost awaiting meal of the day

11.30pm … Good night Langkawi

After having a scrumptious dinner, we’d our own sweet time looking around the resort. Since it was a raining day, the place was wet and cold. Nothing beat our feel to enjoy the holiday after a series of challenges went up our head, hitting beyond our expectation and capabilities.

We’d all the way and now we’re survived. Enjoy the night and it’s a meaningful day for me, at least.

Night view of our chaletnothing but cooling air

7.00am … Good morning Langkawi

I’m expecting a morning walk before going for breakfast. I woke up early and enjoy the cooling and fresh air from my chalet. Staying at highest floor give advantage of seeing all over the place.

What a good holiday here … thank you Amazing Race for giving me this chance. I hope to stay longer.

Stand at balconyour unit is facing the mountain

Going up and down from this stair casestayed at third floor

Our neighbor unitquiet and holiday feel

Catching sunrise soon

Opposite neighbor

Beautiful clouds

Pathway to chalets

Our group pictureAndrew, ME & Wesley

Low tide seain the early morning

Entrance to chalet unitbuggy ride is available

Swimming poolfor adult

Breakfast outdoornear the pool

My breakfastcommon Malaysian food

10.30am … Check-out for Langkawi round-the-island trip

We did an early check-out because we wanted to fully utilize our time in Langkawi. Since we’ve paid for car rental, why not use for travel around before departing back to mainland?

After all, we decided to stop at Kota Mahsuri (Makam Mahsuri).

An entrance fees is RM5.

Entrance of Kota Mahsurifamous for group tourist

Crematorium of Mahsuria story behind her death

3D story tellingto understand the story in visual way

2.00pm … Departure to mainland from jetty

Due to time constraint for us, we’re not able to visit most places in Langkawi, left aside our main priority, which is shopping all the way in FREE DUTY shop in town.

We purchased liquor, beer, chocolate and some souvenirs back. These items were much cheaper and it’s worth to buy here. Imagine a cost of tin of beer same with cost of Coke drink? I bought one for RM1.80 only.

Waving goodbyeended our trip for Langkawi

Overall, the Amazing Race event was giving me a very good experience. Most of the task given was beyond my imagination to test my ability to overcome it. Nothing I can say I can’t do it when it was in front of me.

Although it’s a short and rush for most tasks, I’m looking forward to join again. An advantage if it’s held over a holiday destination (ie. island). Town is fun but island enhanced further my experience.

I shall be back for a holiday trip soon.