Gunung Nuang was always a good training base for any event of personal achievement and measurement. Compare to other tougher mountain, this mountain always be the baseline. With the completion of Nuang hike, other hike was a just a boost of motivation and strength to carry on.

Training @ Gunung Nuang Trails

It was none of my preparation or little workout for my upcoming Gunung Rajah hike. It’s deeming to be tougher and a lot tougher than many would think. With one way of 16km distance, two way of 32km (day trip), what a great point to test my ability.

Hence, let’s the training get started in Gunung Nuang.

We started late because we know we came here for training. No way could we touch the peak from our 8am starting time. It must at least 2 hours earlier.

Limited parking near the toilet facilitiesfree to use

Not many hikers around and we hike all the way “Never Ending Road” ourselves. By a merely walk without looking into time versus distance, I took a look at every hut along this road, make a count as well.

Getting ready for trainingher first timer

Walking distance kill a lotmentally tough is required

Hut 1start counting hut by hut (newly renovated hut)

Hut 2a mere successful in pursue further

Hut 3just halfway only to Lolo Camp (KM 2.9)

A remarkable sign indicated we’ve to trek about 5.8km for this bumpy journey to reach Lolo Camp. This is called W3 (Buluh Akar).

Who wanted to find out what the rest of the name? Perhaps my next visit. LOLz.

W3 Check Point … 3rd hut out of 7 hut found along the way

Hut 4a short distance only to reach here

Hut 5complained how long to go, must be nearby

Terrible fallen bamboossomeone chopped it off to make a way

Else without choppingducking may be required

Hut 6 & 7the end of never ending trek, big relief

By the time we hit Lolo Camp, it was 10am. Our journey wasn’t tough but relaxes.

A peek into the water stream flowing down … the controller

River crossingbamboo as a bridge (newly added)

Sun ray beautifies our training modeas a reward

Camping areanearby river as water source

Landscaping of the riverriver crossing is required

Check-point of end of Lolo Camp trekgetting ready for tough ascend

Here it istrek and gear up to Pacat Camp

Personal achievementup to Pacat Camp

By the time we hit Pacat Camp, it was 12pm (lunch hour time).

We’d our lunch and YES, we called our hiking completed at this point.

We hiked down back to the base.

Sounds happy to end the training at Pacat Campenough for today’s training

By 4.15pm, our training at Nuang trail has been completed.