By focusing solely on beach & hill-hiking activity on the weekend, we’d nowhere to go other than Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve Park & Pulau Intan beach. The famous landmark the representing this place is Tanjung Tuan Light House.

Beach & Rainforest Trekking – Tanjung Tuan

I organized this as part of Perhentian Island Challenge 2012 physical training preparation. I’d a group of 13 who joined me for this training. I hope everyone enjoy it although few of them never expect it to be too tough.

Tanjung Tuan, a stretch of Port Dickson beach, provides a jungle trail through the coastal will lead to white sandy beaches and a small island called Pulau Intan. Is the best kept secret of Port Dickson at the tip of Tanjung Tuan?

A series of walking through the jungle up to the trek of Batu Putih (similar to Tabur Hill) overview of Port Dickson coastal.

It was organized in a rush, I try to extend my invite to people around me (inclusive of friend’s friend to experience a situation where combination of jungle, beach and hill is possible to train.

Not many people can cope with afternoon hiking, but for this, I’ve to make it because of the location. Started early in the morning after the sun rise, we met at toll booth of Port Dickson exit and drive through Lukut town for an early lunch.

There was a popular curry bun chicken at this place called Lucky King Bun. As the restaurant itself only open from 11.30am, we’ve no choice to have 2 chickens as our early lunch.

We continue our journey after lunch to Tanjung Tuan Recreational Park entrance. Weather was a truly hot and sunny.

By 12pm, we reached at the entrance and get ourselves registered. Car park is free.

Group photo …  all were first timers here

Attraction spot to visitbut we’re coming for an adventure + visit

Things were in getting in control, easy to meet expectation for some beginner in the beginning of the trek. We took about 30 minutes to reach beach side. We hang around and photo-shoot each other for fun.

Shading under the treeunder a very hot & good weather

From here, I turn to LEFT side of the beach (an actual path I should walk is right direction) because I want to check out some places good for photography.

LEFT and RIGHT direction of the beachnow is vandalized and went missing

On my opposite site, I saw a small island (formed due to high tides) called Pulau Masjid.

Taken from my previous hikethis small place called Pulau Masjid

I continue to walk alongside the mangrove until I reached DEAD END.

Yes, to continue with crossing, I’ve to get wet through the water. I stopped here and return back to the correct direction where I supposed to go (right direction of the beach).

Mangrove trekgood for photography

Once we’ve move to right direction, we continued to hike until reached a top where we’ve to descend to the beach again.

Descending was tough as it was unknown on which path should be taken, but this time, I’ve chosen a nightmare trail to descend. Good luck!

We took about half an hour for this short trail. It was tough and slippery for most of us. The land were covered with all dry leaves, leave no clue for us where to step. Every step seems to be sliding, slowing down all of us.

Are we ready for this condition?

Not a trail for uscovered by dry leaves

We took quite a lot of time descending, but we all reached down safely and I can say, it’s a good experience for all, hope it’s not a nightmare for you in this hiking activity.

Once we touch-base the beach, we saw awesome scenery of Pulau Intan. On the other side of Pulau Intan, there’s a beautiful white sandy beach to enjoy.

Pulau Intana simple yet deserted island can be seen here

Continue with hike up again towards Light Towerat this point, we’ve reaching the end

Information board for Light Towerone of the interesting places to visit

Light Tower viewone can reach without long hiking via vehicle road

Down to the stair case from Light Tower, is marked the END of our trip. We’ve walked back via tar road to the entrance of Tanjung Tuan Recreational Park.

In the middle of the walk, I asked about another challenge for continuing trek called Batu Putih. It was seen as a hike up to the peak (believe the higher point) to oversee the PD coastal as whole.

Not everyone keen to go up here. Few of them interested to see what’s up here. I lead them to the peak of Batu Putih trail.

Group photo againhiking will never be completed without reaching the PEAK

At the end, I’ve managed to cover a round tour of this place from end-to-end covered the following:

  • Pulau Masjid
  • Pulau Intan
  • Light House
  • Batu Putih Trek

Nevertheless, it’s an interesting outdoor event which my group have never been before. The group disperse back to KL once they’ all reached the car park.

Thank you for joining and hope to see you all again in next trip.