010113 … where are we? We’d passed the remarkable and most talked topic of the earth, the END OF WORLD. Today is new whole world NEW YEAR, a year of beginning for everyone. Be grateful and appreciate what we have, as it’ll be gone one day.

01.01.13 | Happy New Year 2013

A year of 2013 seems to be a digital year for me. Everything in my life shall goes digital. A big change over the human interaction via digital platform. Owning a tablet and a smartphone is not a big WOW nowadays. My resolution shall goes to digital way. I see things in ‘0’ and ‘1’ now. Haha.

Time for resolution, a brand new presentation for year 2013 while looking back what I’ve done in previous year resolution. General resolution does work, but precisely must be achievable.

A big leap for myself. I’m a married man now. However, it’s still can be concisely put in such old manner, career, family, health, financial and entertainment. A different degree of way to look into it, far beyond of what I’ve set last year.

Many thought of, I shall look upon greater of both of our sides, advantages and mutual respect for each of steps we plan to carry on. It’s no longer one person affair.

But things can be personal and residing at myself, let’s start with my Y2k13 resolutions below. I shall carry on with my Y2K12 achievements afterward.

Upon 01.01.13 ahead …

A brand new life awaiting me. Foreseeing a turning point to put myself in much comfortable way. My past achievements count, hence can see my value now. I shall count my move …

Never too latebetter late than never

No hidden meaning how I shall I achieve this year, in a very simple way it is. Wherever there’s a WILL, there’s a WAY.

  • Career Advancement
  • Health Balance
  • Responsible Family Man
  • Widen World Exposure

Career Advancement

Value is upon where we are. Put our value at the right place and earn the reputation. As on right track, just immensely place myself where I’m comfortable with.

Health Balance

No one would willing to put down upon this point. No way turn back if regret happened. I’m treasuring it always and wanted to put it as balance. Never ever lose a grip on it. It’s yours anyway, not belong to others.

Responsible Family Man

One can’t be right, two may work out something great. Another stage of my life which I shall be responsible and move along the way I wanted. A happy family is nothing without a developed relationship.

Widen World Exposure

Experience it is always better than know it. My life would be dull and simply wasted without this. It’s not a compulsory of most life, however, it’s good and wise to make it happen even though times are not allow it, be a natural or commitment forcing it.

I’ll adjust anyway, else DeXXy.NET will become irrelevant.

Y2k12recalling past

In year 2012

  • Things piled up and getting out of hands. I’m not able to prioritized and stress accumulated. Stress lead into losing credibility in managing and lead a group. Hoping times can get faster and prioritized things can be completed soon. A stagnant working environment and hence value is stagnant as well. Not much progressing in term of human interaction and socialistic of myself.
  • Completed few oversea trip in high profile, conquered an awaiting highest mountain in Malaysia and yet few free and easy tour I completed without much hassle.
  • Continue and plan to put another 6 months of MBA studies on hold due to uncertainty undertaking in future.
  • Planning to stabilize my e-business on hand, moving on with greater challenge and height, bringing more exposure ahead.
  • Settled down with a new stage of life, more responsibility foresee ahead.
  • Continue to strengthen my financial status despite the great spending versus earning.

Major Achievementsyear 2012

— [January] —

  • Hike Gunung Nuang for fun (half-way as training)
  • Attempted Gunung Rajah (half-way, insufficient time)
  • Proposal for a marriage @ Sunway Pyramid RedBox
  • Eat buffet during CNY @ Tenji 2

— [February] —

  • Visit FGS Dong Zen during CNY
  • Hike & Holiday @ Fraser Hill (completed all trails)

— [March] —

  • Hike Gunung Suku (99% up and 1st flat hike)
  • Photo-shoot for first time @ Studio Baddogz (lousy experience!)

— [April] —

  • Participate Amazing Race for first time to Langkawi
  • Hike Gunung Senyum (toughest I ever done)
  • Visit PC Fair and bought an ultrabook laptop
  • Complete Route C of Saga Hill hiking
  • Co-partner’s business opening day (Reliance Travel)
  • Celebrate my birthday dinner @ Shogun

— [May] —

  • Hike Tabur Hill EAST (revisit)
  • Free N Easy anniversary celebration @ Pangkor Island
  • Visit & try challenges @ Asian Water Sports Village, Puchong

— [June] —

  • Visit Melaka Wonderland (latest park in Melaka!)
  • Photoshoot Pre-Wedding @ Putrajaya
  • Hike Gunung Kinabalu via Mesilau Trail (colorful result!)

— [July] —

  • Eat buffet durian at SS2 (first time)
  • Explore Lata Medang (first time)
  • Participate Feel Good Run 2012
  • Participate Shape Men’s Health Run 2012 Night Run
  • Hiking buddies marriage (Alvin & Esther) – Photographer role

— [August] —

  • Company day trip Team Building
  • Free N Easy 6D5N – An Ultimate Trip to Bangkok
  • Visit UK Farm in Johor

— [September] —

  • Leading group for hiking @ Tanjung Tuan, Port Dickson
  • R.O.M (Register of Marriage) @ Thean Hou Temple

— [October] —

  • Participate Perhentian Island Challenge 2012 (first timer!)
  • Oversea photoshoot (2nd time) @ Taiwan, 8D7N trip

— [November] —

  • Oversea Annual Gathering @ Phuket with MyKhaki

— [December] —

  • [No PLAN] – Preparation for the whole month towards wedding day (7th January 2013)

The end of previous always the beginning of the next. Stay strong and focus on my next journey of life. Things always greener on other side.

How about yours?