Teluk Intan, the third largest town in Perak, is booming. The leaning clock tower in Teluk Intan is one of the town’s many tourist attractions. While doing my 3D2N Ipoh trip recently, I decided to drop by to check-it out.

Teluk Intan, The Leaning Tower

Located and stand still in the middle of the city, this old architecture sit in the heart of Teluk Intan town. Built in 1892 and since then tilted due to underground stream on the site.

During the daytime, one can walk into the building, however, my visits doesn’t allow due to some maintenance carry on.

This pagoda-shaped tower was originally used to house a water tank supplied to the town during emergency. Now the functionality that can be observed is just a clock tower and perhaps some stories and museum-alike artifacts inside this tower.

Most of the time, Teluk Intan Lean Tower is surrounded by visitors comes from far. It has become one of the attractive icons in Perak and also Malaysia.

I’ve drove about an hour plus to reach this town via trunk road. Accessibility is high due to the township based. One may consider a hotel around the town and Ipoh town (Recommended hotel nearby).

Famous food stalls are around as I simply went to the most visited by peoples. A small town where peoples are busy with trade and grocery purchase.

Stand-stil leaning tower of Teluk Intanmiddle of the city

View from bottom-updo you observed some leaning angle?

Not to miss my picture with this historical buildingTeluk Intan Leaning Tower

Entrance of the towervery anticipating when saw this

Not open due to some maintenance workhopefully my next visit can go in

Zoom inthe tower beautiful crafting

The clockmade by J.W. Benson of Ludgatehill London

I particularly like to visit or drop by for this kind of historical building, although not much into the whole story of the originated of this place.

Having step into a historical town means to me because of photography and also surrounding peoples and businesses nowadays. How it evolved and change upon the time and still the historical icon remain unaffected.

Hope this will preserved for next generation (like me and going on) to visit and feel proud of their own leaning tower in Malaysia compare to already popular Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.