In the lust of hidden greenery of Ipoh, a fully water park theme appears to emerge from the surrounding limestone cliffs and vibrant jungle, waiting to be explored. The Lost World of Tambun comes as part of 3D2N of my Ipoh trip.

Lost World of Tambun @ Ipoh

I’d bought tickets for Lost World of Tambun from MATTA Fair which cost me under RM30 per pax. As this is non-comparable to Sunway Lagoon, I would give a try because it sounds a mystery world to me. Hence, this trip is made off.

There are 8 part of Lost World of Tambun that comes ranging from river of adventure, raging waterfalls, rushing rapids, majestic cliffs, magnificent tigers, ancient caves and hot springs with ancient therapeutic properties.

  • Petting Zoo
  • Tin Valley
  • Amusement Park
  • Team Building
  • Hotspring Spa
  • Swan Lake
  • Water Park
  • Tiger Valley

An Ipoh trip is incomplete without going for famous food.

7.00am – Famous Foh San Dim Sum in Ipoh town

Our day started with full of expectation. A day trip filled up with various adventures and fun from Lost World of Tambun. We planned a breakfast as usual hangout whenever I stay in Ipoh, that’s Foh San Dim Sum.

It’d shifted to new outlet quite some time. For those few years didn’t come to Ipoh for this famous place, you’ll not be lost because it’s moved nearby from original outlet.

Foh Sanfamous for dim sum


Breezy morningdim sun served with chinese tea

Varieties of Dim Sumplaces packed with crowd in early morning

A considered non-heavy breakfast for us here, which cost us around RM40+.

Getting to the park was not easy without proper direction. We reached slightly a bit earlier before the opening hour.

We purposely drop by the hotel next to this park since it has yet to open.

Entrance of Lost World of Tambunam I going to be lost here?

The Lost World Hotela place to overnight next to the Park

The Lost World Hotel is well suited for travelers seeking accommodation around The Lost World of Tambun area. Each room has television and air conditioning. This 3-star hotel offers 134 rooms.

Swimming pool and children’s play area are provided for recreation. Business center and Wi-Fi Internet access are available on site.

Booking via available below:

Wonders of Tambuna map showing some interesting places

Greenish surrounding the Park and Hotelgood for health

For visitors convenient from far and for leisure gathering, a newly built hotel called Lost World Hotel is sitting next to this park.

One can think about staying nearby if you plan to spend time for whole in the park. Park closes at 6pm.

Next to the Park is Hot Spring & Spa open at night from 6pm10pm can be considered as well to relinquish your stress and stay comfort over the night.

Direction to Lost World Hot Springs & Spaopen from 6pm

Follow directionto the left

Operation hour from 6pmhowever is part of Lost World during the day

For those who interested to the Hot Spring only need to pay separate fees from 6pm onwards at different entrance.

Hot Spring & Spa is part of Lost World park during the day time, you can visit this part as well upon entering this park. Think about it, who wanted to dip into hot spring under the hot sun and weather?


Back to the Lost World of Tambun entrance, we quickly lined up and exchange our ticket for RFID tag and pay for deposit RM10 each (refundable).

The Logovery anticipating feeling the park adventures

Mystery placeancient-based infrastructure

Cats in ancient Egyptguarding the Lost of World

The entrance of the Parkticket purchased and entry

RFID tag is given instead of ticketcan used to store value for any purchase in Park

Our RFID tagrefundable deposit paid for RM10

Getting ready for adventures … all kind of water adventures!

Family water parkstart getting wet by just cross under

Walking around with huge limestone mountain as backgroundis awesome 

Waves Restaurantpacked with people, many just hogged the table

One of the many adventurescrowded queues

Other than wet adventuressome games booth to win soft toy

Can dry up your clothes with this ridetypical ride found

Train ridefor those who lazy to walk but want to see the surrounding

Okay, now get readylocker area to keep your belonging secure

Digital locker … consider safe but need to understand how to use first

Get used of PIN number and your RFID tagcost you RM10 for a token

This park is BIG.

Be prepared with a map on hand when going around preventing ‘Lost of the World’ situation.

You might be missed out some interesting area.

Map of the entire parkneed to walk a lot to cover the whole place

Jungle Wave Poolwhere peoples gather and wave together

Cooling under the hot sunblue swimming pool

In the rainhave fun dripping

People & mountainpeople & sea

By the time I was in the park for some adventures, a bunch of peoples queue up. OMG, weekend crowd.

Don’t know how I’m going to have fun with these crowds. Pressure started to pile up. Oh gosh.

I moved to slightly lesser people area which was Tambun Hot Spring.

Crowd yet to move inslightly better place to start warming up

Moved to Tube Raidersrules & regulation

Sliding down the drainopen air

Getting readyclosed one

lnside the tube … it’s started with mystery

End of funcarry-on with the tube

The end of tubesplash into the water if not careful

Calm waternothing than just floating along the river stream

Adventure River … the most adventurous river in the park

Strong push and face pacedoesn’t matter go for few rounds

The Lost World Swan Lakeoffer rides and spotted few swans

Cost you RM5 for a rideif you never ride a boat before, give a try

Lost World Tin Valleythe new attraction of the park

Astounding viewwith sport adventures behind this park

Baby elephant sculpture … just for kids

Bigger elephant for adultclimb up for a picture

A place for demonstration heldbuild for experiment

What are looking for?Tin or just playing with round basket

Team building stuffclosed from public

Welcome to Lost World Team Building Parkfor corporate booking or public

Fantastic view of the lakededicated place for photography

What the old building covered with plant?abandoned?

Oh I seeIt’s a TOILET (male toilet)

Lost World Petting Zoohousing many pets and reptilian

Rainforest Trailwalk along the trail leading to pet in open cage

Open spacefreedom is there

Freedom to move aroundunlike the Zoo

Longkang Fish (Drain Fish)free to catch it, just for fun

Time for HOT SPRING visitentering the hot spa section

Tambun Hot Springscomes with healing effect

Foot Spa areawalk on the stone under the hot water

Mysterious cave with boiling hot springup to 45C

Minerals contain in hot spring watergood for health and overall healing effect

World Pool (Jacuzzi)curiosity lead me up to there

Super boil, super hotnot able to withstand hot sun with hot spring

Infinity Poolwhere the endless pool view connected to boiling cave

Boiling cavesteamy hot spring

Temperature degree hit 45Cshould be more than that during hot day

Fresh hot water stream down the cavedamn hot

The biggest hot spring poolenjoy a lot here, but not under hot sun

Crystal Poolbetter place for dip and rest

Not fully under the hot suna good place for rest (40’C)

Crystal Spaa place where beauty care and massage available with price

Kepura Cavea historical cave

Tiger Feeding Show at 4pmgetting ready for it

A piece of meat flung out … the tiger crawl up and catch it

Feeding hourthe trainer will throw a piece of meat opposite there

Get aware and ready to catch itlooks hungry for feeding time

Whoopsmanage to catch it

Another simple showwalk along the rope

A big bucket which will flip over when fully refill … creating a big splash

Big HIPPOas display to attract kids

We managed to spend time for the whole day to make it worth our money. The Lost World of Tambun is not a boring place where a lot more activities and games can be play if you want. I skipped most of the games because I prefer to mix around with water activities.

Again, after we walked out towards EXIT, we hadn’t had much to go for night activities, therefore we bid a good early rest at night.

A day after shall conclude our 3D2N Ipoh Trip.