Ipoh, my favorite historical town and due to its strategically surrounded by limestone caves, I’ve many places yet to be cover in all my previous trip past year. In my recent trip, 3D2N back to Ipoh, I’d a good time visiting this wonderful nature place, Gunung Lang, The Recreational Park.

Gunung Lang – A Recreational Park

Even it’s called a Mountain Lang (Gunung Lang), it’s not exactly a place for hiking or expedition activities, but more on recreational and sight-seeing places.  A short break and we continue with our plan to Gunung Lang, not for hiking, but for photo shooting. It has incredibly view lake hemmed in by majestic limestone outcrops.

I cover this place only in the afternoon, means after I check-in into Hotel Abby.

Traveling from KL-Ipoh is a bit time-consuming. I started from KL as early as 6am. Managed to catch up with some famous eatery places in Ipoh at after 8am. I stopped at famous Nam Heong White Coffee stall for breakfast. We ordered Char Kuey Teow, egg tart, mee hoon and most importantly Ipoh town white coffee.

It doesn’t stop here because good food is everywhere in Ipoh.

First stop for local delicacies was this place called Sin Eng Heong. They’d yet to open their business, but early customer like us like to get-in for a peek. As I’ve recommended for their kaya-puff, cost 80 cents each, I immediately take around 10 pieces. They entertained walk-in customer, but they preferred booking in advanced especially those buy in bulk.

A crispy and fresh from oven definitely make my dayyummy

We hit another food shop called Gunung Rapat Hiong Piah. By the presentation of the product on their shelves, it looks nice, but a bit costlier than normal shop.

Not far from here, we crossed by a unique shop selling tau-fu-far and soya bean. People queues and yes, this is one of the famous place recommended to try. We curious and we lined up.

Managed to get 2 bowls at lasthard effort rewarded

Called by its Underneath Big Tree, it was well-known by Ipoh Lang (people). Each time I came here, I try their fried pieces because it’s delicious and also cheap.

2.00pm – Checking in Hotel Abby

Located outside from busy town of Ipoh, around industrial area. We’d chosen this due to the price and comfort as well as near our main visit destination.

Our accommodation for 2 nightsRM105 per night

A short break and we continue with our plan to Gunung Lang, not for hiking, but for photo shooting. It has incredibly view lake hemmed in by majestic limestone outcrops.

Recreational Park of Gunung LangIpoh Hidden Attraction

The view of the lakesurrounding of Gunung Lang

The boat operation time is from 8.00am to evening, depending on weekday or weekend. Ticket price (return transfer) for adult is RM3 while child/senior citizen is RM1.50.

We spent a whopping few hours walk around until evening when the last boat is expected to run. Long queues as a result of massive visitors flocked to jetty for last journey.

Fish feeding availablewe queued up here for boat

Boat arriveddue to limited space, we waited for few rounds

Hop-on the boatI’m ready to board over there

Departure jettystill have people lined-up even it’s almost evening

Go go govery anticipating what was opposite there

Jetty arrivalthe boat stop and drops us here

Free N Easy walkbridge overrun the lake to the tower and playground

Scenic view from the bridgegood for marriage shot!

Walked till the endunable to cross past this cave

Toilet facilitiesrun down

One of the many watch toweroversee the place

Surrounded by limestone mountainhardly for any hiking here

We done this short trip to Gunung Lang in hurry because of evening hour, the last boat departure is 6.30pm. Many peoples queued up at jetty due to this.

The entire park was quite run down, perhaps due to low turnout of visitors to support of maintenance of this park. Doesn’t the fund for maintenance come from tourism office to sustain this place for Visit Perak Year 2012?

As day darkens, we leave for dinner at Kinta City Mall.

All for that and we rest early for tomorrow full day trip activity at The Lost World of Tambun.