A combination of few places in one trip was a time-saving. Organized by a group called My Travel Kaki Dot Com, we’d a fruitful trip which we never thought of exploring in the first place for hiking, Port Dickson.

Kota Lukut (Fort) & Pulau Intan Beach Trek


Being able to explore new places always my aim. This group leader was being so kind to bring us to exciting place for nature hike plus beach trek. Wonderful huh?

I can’t imagine how these both could combine together. Looks not tough, but it’s enough to make people say enough for the day.

A group of 19 joined this trip and I made a lot of good friends from here. We started our journey not too early or late. We gathered at some check-point suggested by organizer or we can just straight meet up at entrance.

9.00am … Gathering point for registration

Organizer required us to register so he knows us better. Once done, I decided to meet up them at somewhere at Lukut for lunch.

10.30am … Visit to Lukut Fort

My unintentional visit to Lukut Fort started when I saw the direction towards the place during my way to Lukut town. Well, it doesn’t waste much time for a short visit. Let’s do it.

Entranceonly for car entry

I drove up to the designated stone trail and well, car entry is possible here.

I felt lost here because Lukut Fort was nothing other than a piece of vast land and few partial damaged walls with overgrown plant.

A proper road for car entrya bit confused where it’s heading

Reached destinationFort Lukut is here

Seeing this, I reversed back and proceed to Lukut Museum instead. At the end, I found out Museum and Fort is both connected and accessible via few walk up to the stairs.

The Museum and The Forttourist spot of Lukut

There are much more information available to be read around if you’re interested. We wandered and shoot around for fun.

Walk up the stairs from car parkplace was well-maintained

Old cannon for displayhistorical place

A very quiet historical place I ever visitif compare to Melaka

Big signboardnever ever get lost of view from far

Walk and heading to the Fortbehind this stone

Seen a bridgewas in good condition

Watching towerjust for tourist to get a better view

Return back to car parkraining day before our hiking

11.45am … Lucky King Bun & our lunch

Never ever go into this restaurant before 11.30am because their kitchen only opens from 11.30am onwards. Else just enjoy their curry chicken bread a.k.a Lucky King Bun.

We’d our lunch (quite full) in one of the famous restaurant in Lukut Town. Food taste not bad, however, we look like enjoy introducing ourselves to our group to make new friends.

Stopping by a restaurant for lunch … met Lucky King Bun

Famous chicken curry bun … cost RM28 per piece

1.30pm … Starting point of Tanjung Tuan Forest

From direction opposite of Port Dickson, we headed to Teluk Kemang where we can see Tanjung Tuan Light House direction as well. By following this direction, we turned right to Cape Rachado where Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve is located.

Go to end and park our car outside the apartment car bay. Tanjung Tuan entrance is just in front of us.

Hutan Rekreasi Tanjung Tuanthe entrance

Registration officeto register and pay fees

Tanjung Tuan Recreational Park is located and built on the hill overlooking the Straits of Melaka. Visitors can see the beauty of the panoramic sea views that stretch from the top of the Hill.

Entrance fees is RM1 per paxreasonable price

We explore the trail and trek on our own. Unless you’ve done this trail before, advise to take along experienced hiker with you. Even though unlikely to be lost, however, getting back to the same way is kinda exhausted.

Notice boardfor safety reminder

The map suggested us to go around from trail to beach and up to Light House and back to entrance. All can be done in just half-day means less than 4 hours time.

Group picturebig group here

Trek begins herehighly visible and interesting trek

Jungle trek entered into stairsmuch easier and straight forward

Flat trektowards the beach

Historical well foundcalled Perigi Belanda

Can enterwanna go in and check it out?

Close upit’s not a dry well anyway

Continue the journeyall flat ground with beach waves sound

Left of rightbut we turn right for Pulau Intan, bye Pulau Masjid

Yahoo! beach, at last after a short trek

Let’s chill up by the beach sideshort break here

Pulau Masjidan island where we need to swim over but we don’t

Continue to trekback from beach to jungle

Getting out from the other sideanother beach sighted

Very rocky surfacewe walked towards Pulau Intan direction

That’s Pulau Intan … powdery sandy beach

Not really a bad surrounding for photo shootrocks is amazing

Walk towards Pulau Intanit’s connected to the beach

Lots of dry algae and rubbish of courseeye sore

A good exploration of the islandjust walk over

Continue walk passed Pulau Intananother awesome beach sighted

Relax timehad another short lunch break

Pulau Intan’s beach was a real charm with its powdery white sands. It’s almost seen as untouched beach and I believe clean-up must have been done occasionally because camp site is just nearby.

A kind of rewards definitely worth it after a short trek but we’ve another trek to go. Come on …

Stairs trekking in the jungle up to the light househectic climb

Broken platformno where to rest but continue

Check-pointlighthouse just in front of us

Voilawe’re at the highest point now

Information boardjust take a look or ignore it

Close up to the housegolden chance of having such close encountered

Everyone enjoyed the seaastounding view ever

Close upsaw a fishing boat

Walked downend of trek from lighthouse 

Relax walk back to the gatemark our end soon

At one point, we found a trek called Batu Putih Trek which brings us to wonderful peak of Tanjung Tuan. It was beyond our plan to find out this interesting place. Just about 400m distance to reach the peak, oversee 360 degrees of view, more on the sea and coastline of this cape.

Small arrow sign by road sideanother trek again?

Just 400m onlylet’s enter the trek again

Touch the peaka close correspondent to Bukit Tabur

360 degrees … more on the sea and coastline of this cape

Trekking down towards the beach againnot back to where we came from

The coastline where we saw from the peakwhat a view

Absolutely ugly sightthis beach closest to the entrance hence the pollution

Try to reach the end of coastlinebut no way out

Luckily saw someone on this beach … the way out, Monkey Bay Trek

Finally called the endwe walked slowly to the entrance

It doesn’t end our day trip yet even though the whole trek we’ve gone is almost as complete as what the map suggested us to go.

6.00pm … Clean-up at Eagle Ranch Resort

After clean-up ourselves, we followed one of our group members to Eagle Ranch Resort for a visit. They’d planned their overnight stay after the hike. A well plan anyway.

Never had a chance to overnight at this wonderful resort, but had a good time walking around there. Let’s the pictures walk the talk.

Unique room (cowboy style)called Tepee

A barbecue stove for allfor those wanted to have own cook meal 

Wanna have a peek inside?let’s go in

Inside the roomgood ambiance and comfort

Alternative high end stayKampung House

It’s not the first time I went here. In fact, I’ve stayed in dormitory (fan) and shared bathroom during my team building few years back. A link to the story as below:

Also for Light House in Tanjung Tuan, I went here during my Eco-Challenge few years back as well.


Surprisingly, I came back once again to recall my memories and enjoy the place once all over again for free and leisure purpose.

Tanjung Tuan is one of the places for day-trek adventurous I ever had. I won’t mind to come again for just relax and leisure trek out from KL boundaries.