I was having a bad experience with this studio, so called Baddogz. By the name, you can guess it so. They meant it really.

Baddogz Studio Photoshoot


Initially they were doing some promo (I guess) due to some reason, they are not serious about serve this segment of customer (bought voucher from Groupon). It was advertised quite cheap and that’s the reason to get big right?

Cheap advertisement and good service can get more business. In fact, they’re opposite. Cheap fee, cheap service. Enough. My story explained it all.

I’ve booked few times with them, reason one, fully booked and no free slot. I was like have the urgent to clear this voucher hence, I booked with them on weekday. Enough said.

Makeup was separately charge (non-informed) and we get charged of RM50. If I know this earlier, we will get our own makeup and save this money.

Photographer do not know what pose shall we get into it. We told them we’ve no experience before, therefore, we rely on photographer instruction.

Photo selection was very limited and yes, the charge separately for this. We have hard time choosing this.

Upon done our selection, we were told that courier fee is not included else self collect from their premise. This was a turn off offer which didn’t mentioned before.


Week after, we called for our non-deliver album. Excuses given was the hard cover was out of stock. Second time, we called again, they mentioned it was just arrived and I know they yet to print our album. Two months has passed and you inform me the album is not ready?

So, enough said, it’s a matter of service level you’ve been given to your customer. If I’m not engaged with this studio, I won’t even get myself into this situation and get fed-up with their service.


End up we waited like 6 months down the road. By the time we received it, it wasn’t excited anymore. Cuz we had our R.O.M event and taken our first wedding photography @ Putrajaya with real wedding studio. We’re heading for Taiwan for another round of wedding shoot (oversea shooting + holiday).

Photos taken as below (only selected which I’m satisfied):-

Even in future I’m going for studio shoot again. I’ll make sure I’m taking a promo price because spending few bucks for studio shoot for fun is not worth. But somehow memories gotten from this shoot is worth to experience.