A mountain with trails sloping upward all the way (only 1% downward trail). No flat terrain and it took us about 3 hrs to the peak. A 360 degrees view of surrounding mountain such as Irau & Chabang at the PEAK.

Gunung Suku – An Uphill Mountain

In fact, not many know about this mountain. Not many attempted also because we encountered overgrown plant along the way.

A small group of us joined the organizer, Alvin which agreed to bring us to new place to hike. We as well need to manage his expectation for return. Not easy but fun. However, we’d mixed feeling knowing it’s an upward hike, leaving us exhausted rather than enjoying.

In a bright side, the completion trained us to be more sustainable for any mountain.

Due to the starting point a bit far from KL, we departed as early as possible. Took our breakfast at 7.30am and started to hike before 9am.

We parked our car by the road side where the trail head located. A short walking distance to mark our journey to a new mountain. Toughness was measured by how many hours we can reach the peak. Since it can be done in less than 4 hours, we just gave a try without long consideration.

Lack of visibility … can be seen from Simpang Pulai road towards Cameron Highlands.

Enter the jungleovergrown at beginning trek

Non-stop upward trekstamina & determination were tested


Showing-off TATTOOcasual hiker from our group


Crossing fallen tree + landslides trail = dangerous!


Our check-point here to ensure we’re on track. Since it was an uphill hike, we focused a lot into maintaining our energy supply to be consistent.

It’s grueling task I ever done for a mountain hiking so far.

I told myself, I’m gonna love Gunung Suku once I reached the PEAK! Forgo the leg muscle constraint task.

Gunung Suku‘s peak can be seen from this plateau … the only flat ground we stopped and refill our fluid

Root trapcurly


Black mushroommy first encountered. No idea whether it’s poisonous or not


Horizontal treehooked on the slope and growing horizontally


Old bonsai tree?


At cloud levelmist covered Gunung Chabang


Highway (Simpang Pulai road to Cameron Highland) can be seen clearly from the Suku’s peak


Zoomingto get clearer picture 

Group photo of 5 – photo credit by Alvin


False peak excellent view can be seen as wellonly 5 minutes apart from real peak


VoilaGunung Chabang views from Gunung Suku’s peak. Shall I?

Peak at Gunung Suku was breath-taking. One shall believe that standing at a point of high can make you forgotten what you’d gone through the process.

Even though we succeeded, we do not spent long time staying at the peak because of the DIRECT hot sun. No shelter or whatever. Eat, drink and chat under the hot sun, no way! Get down … get down.

Getting down was another killing taskbe careful of each step taken

Rain started to fall once we reached our car. Very lucky not to catch under the rain, else we’re going to be doomed. I rather not trained under the rain.

Since it was a day trip for us, we catch up our dinner and back to KL to call it a day.

Optionally, we can choose to stay at Cameron or even at Ipoh town to restore our exhaustive body and legs but we didn’t actually plan it. Driver was complaining all the way back to KL.

Gunung Suku is not an easy mountain and not for everyone to try. Keep in mind this is a 99% upward hike for 3 hours non-stop if you wish to try one day.

I wish to come back again but better give me a break from crazy hiking. LOLz.