I hardly do photo-shoot for wedding dinner nowadays, however upon special request, my passion has resurfaced again. I was an honor guest at the dinner held at Oriental Pavilion, Jaya33.

22 July 2012Alvin & Esther Wedding Dinner

Congrats to both of you.

Getting know both of you was a leap of success in my passion of natural places. Even though we met in different occasion in overlapping network, we understand that things always get around and back to point where we started.

Thanks for inviting me to your precious event in your life and tells us what pure love is and how one should care for each other throughout life. I wish you have blessed wedding life. Happy wedding day.

Enjoy the photo below …

Event started at 7pm, but as photographer of the day (unofficial one), I reached an hour early to captures the setup and surrounding.

Oriental Pavilion @ Jaya33

Reception getting preparedhost getting ready

Guest putting down signatureas memories for unforgettable

Bride & Groombagai pinang dibelah dua (Malay idiom)

Happily greeted guest & relativeThank you for coming

Assist guest seating arrangementno one left unseated

Drink until you droppossible getting drunk?

Table gift from Oriental Pavilion

Marching in presentationwalk slowly

Serving the Bride a meal courtesy from Groom

Biggest day of my lifelarger than life!

First course food presentationspecial one for host table

Serving special guesttable by table

Group photoall important VIPs

Second marching-in presentation

Cake cutting ceremonyevent on the rise to peak

Cheering from table by tableYuM SeNG!

Special post dedicated to Alvin & Esther.