Once again, congratulations to the both of you, Yung Fur & Huey Kuen! “Loving couple!”. Although these photos come quite late. Here are some photos on your wedding dinner! Enjoy!

Wedding Reception : Lucky Palace Restaurant, Seremban 2

In less than a month, this was a second wedding banquet I attended.

As a good ex-colleague of mine (she), we knew each other since, ermm … 5 years back, in Nov-2007. We worked about 2 years plus before calling each other as ex…colleagues.

Occasionally, we organized some outing and annual gathering for meet up and keep in touch, so our relationship as ex-colleagues will be forever.

Please enjoy the photo below … taken from her wedding dinner. Not much and only focus on small group photos.

Dinner Menufull of chinese words

My table no

Slide show with unknown nameUntitled ProShow 1?

Macho manin the row

Macho man is checking-out girls

Her female ex-colleaguesexcept the last on the right

Her male ex-colleaguesALL

Since we were at Seremban for the dinner, why not make a short travel to Melaka?

YES, I made a short trip to Melaka on Sunday, overnight at one of the lousiest guesthouse I ever stay, Albanjari Heritage Guest House.

The story of my stay will be in separate post later.