Krabi, one of my highly anticipated trips in Thailand, planned about a year back bring my beach trip memory since my last East Coast beach vacation.

Sweet-Sweet Krabi @ KrabiAn Adventure Holiday

A 5D4N trip to southern Thailand’s province with white sandy beaches and offshore islands for exploration, national park and mangrove forests. Giving this new place a try is a must if you’re adventures + nature person.

It was a BUDGET TRIP because of low season and cheap package offered. I booked AirAsia flight during promotion period. I bought hotel packages 4D3N at Krabi Resort for 2 pax for RM399. Cheap huh?

I booked airport transfer (4 pax sharing) to Ao Nang beach (Krabi Resort) for 750 baht. Return was 500 baht. Ala-carte package for Free N Easy trip. Believe it?

Krabi, a lovely place that everyone gonna love it when visit for first time. The simplicity and easy-going lifestyle of people of southern Thailand made me wanted to stay longer there.

This was my second time visiting Krabi. My first time was before I learn how to blog. Now, I felt I’m back again. Worth to re-visit? The answer is YES.

This place is offering all kind of excitement to who are nature lover and adventures person. How good it is, I’ll bring you through my experience with Krabi trip.

All kind of trip begins from airport … hehehe

Day 112.00PM – LCCT Airport

A group of 4 of us gathered at KL Sentral, took SkyBus and reached LCCT by noon. Our trip was relax and no rush. We still have time wandered around and chit-chat while waiting for departure.

We set to depart at 1.15pm and reached by 1.35pm. Huh? Their time zone is backward one hour compare to us. So we’ve extra an hour to spend that day. Ha Ha!

Plane on-board … much anticipated trip

Flight took an hour plus only.

We touched base at Krabi International Airport (KBV), straight to custom. It was easy and fast. As long as we fill-up all the details of our stay, we can easily pass the checking and proceed with our holiday. Yahoo!!

2.00PM … Airport transfer service

I booked airport transfer on my own via (Highly recommended).

As soon as I exit arrivals, the agent (Lin) was holding a card-board displaying my name. Their transfer is on private basis, means no sharing with others. The charge for Standard Minibus was 750 baht (per vehicle which can take up to 8 persons).

The lady, named Lin was very polite and sweet. She provides us a very satisfactory service in explaining us Krabi places and top attraction. A warm welcome when we step into Thailand.

Leaving airporttransfer to our hotel

2.30PM … Check-in Krabi Resort

Krabi Resort is one of the top resorts with private beach. I got this best deal via Groupon, offering low cost stay with them. What else can I ask for more?

Extension by night cost about RM230. Compare to 4D3N package cost RM399 only, a big difference. Due to this, I opted for budget stay at J-Hotel on my last night.

Krabi Resort is located at very strategic location, just 2 min walk to the beach from my chalet and 5 min walk to public beach. It’s also very near to the well popular rows of souvenir shop, resort and massages centre as well as pub along the Ao Nang beach.

Our 4D3N stayin Krabi Resort

Luggage transfer to minivanit was a raining day

The weather was slightly wet in the afternoon.

When we check-in the hotel, it was raining. We were transferred by a vehicle to our semi-D chalet. It shows that the hotel is providing a very good customer service to their guests. Normally large resort like this can be easily lost if no proper direction given.

An extra mile servicethumbs up

We, 4 of us occupied this chalet. This was kind of luxury stay I ever have. Surrounding environment was very peaceful and greenery.

Only 2 min walk to the beach, a private beach type that not many resort able to have it in Krabi.

Semi-D ChaletKrabi Resort

Corridor of the chalet

Our room numberF1

Twin-sharing bed

Shower room


Accommodation around us I didn’t explore much about it

Krabi Resort Layoutplan for entire place

Two min beach walkprivate beach

As we too enjoy our stay in chalet upon check-in, we almost forgot our mission, windows shopping at famous spot. It was a sleepy noon after the rain. Imagine this was a truly holiday feel I ever dream off.

Ready?Let’s GO GO GO

6.00pmPreparing for dinner date

The Ao Nang beach is very popular with its popular rows of shop along the beach. Although it was quite quiet due to low season + raining day, our walk went undisturbed by the crowd.

We spotted Tuk-Tuk, famous transport in Thailand, but we rather walked. Motor bike can be rent but we prefer walk shop-by-shop. If we wanted to go to Krabi town, we may consider a bike, however in the end, we hired a tuk-tuk for return transfer. Very much convenient this way.

Tuk-Tuk anyone?normally use for beach hopping

Motorbike for rentI’ve no license to hop

Our first night dinner, we took whatever we cross by, because our last meal was taken in Malaysia. Hence, we decided on the pizza meal as temporary to settle our hungriness. After that, we tried other ala-carte meal along the road.

Lacasaa high class restaurant

Pizza & pastawasn’t really what we look for in Krabi

Other than food, we spotted quite number of massage center. You never failed to get their services because it’s everywhere.

To get best massage offer and value for service, keep on walking. I’m spoiling for choices from original Thai, oil, milky, Aloe-Vera or coconut oil. All sort massages are having different pricing and of course, try all of them if possible.

Price wise as low as RM20 per hour and up to RM50 per hour (advance massage with special oil).

Price for massage services … some fix, some bargain-able

7.00PM … Ao Nang popular street

Worry about what to do tomorrow?

There are many tour agents along the road. Signboard prices are everywhere. Most important, TO BARGAIN to the maximum you can.

We continue walked until we satisfied with the lowest fare. The board price may show normal price but asking price is always the BEST. Price can be bargain even lower due to the competitor. Many fall into dilemma price included myself. Which offer the lowest?

Imagine 400 baht per pax can go for 4 islands hopping, with inclusive of lunch. About 900 baht per pax can go for Phi-Phi Island. All quoted were day trip unless half-day on request basis.

Special price on price boardbargain price can be lower

It’s much cheaper to get here and last minutes instead of online booking ahead. Go deal with them to get lowest possible price especially low season like this (rough sea). Refund always guarantee if the weather too bad during your departure.

Even though, expect unpredictable weather which may spoil your plan.

8.00PM … Food hunting begins

Having a trip is nothing if we don’t eat all sort of food there. As I went here before, I know which stall are the most popular and offered local delicacies.

Many of those along the road were given much more attention by tourist. Because it’s popular and recommended by fellow online review who shared it.

Let’s try. Don’t be hesitant to try because good food doesn’t mean only from restaurant. It can be everywhere.

Ao Nang Night Street … happening business

Grill foodmust try

Cost us 15 baht the sauce was nice

Fruit shakeonly 20 baht (~RM2)

Banana pancake long queue to get this!

Pat Thai noodlethis stall is located outside McD

Not to missMcD Thailand

One thing not to miss for McD Thailand is Samurai Burger, a pork burger that never going to sell in Malaysia.

Burger Kinga slightly costlier to eat

A windy beach at nightwhat a SWEET-SWEET feel

Krabi Resort lobbygood place to fall asleep

Our group picturecouples of Sweet2Krabi Trip

We settled down for tomorrow plan, Phi-Phi Island tour. It’s a risky move as weather was wet everyday. Even though refund was guaranteed, we hope for the best tomorrow.

11.00PM … Goodnight Krabi

Time to say goodnight for tomorrow activities in Krabi!

To be continue … Sweet2Krabi @ Krabi (Day 2) – A truly wet day