A day with compiling all memories of previous days and together brings back to our beloved country land, Malaysia. We did our finale shopping at Ao Nang before calling a taxi to transfer us to airport.

 Sweet2Krabi @ Krabi (Day 5) – Finale

Remaining time spent in Krabi was precious to us. Woke up early, spending quality time enjoying the morning air outside. We even had our breakfast nearby.

After breakfast, we quickly walk down to Ao Nang’s shopping paradise street to have our finale shopping on souvenir. Bargaining a lot for some items we wanted so much until the owner gave up on us.

We love Krabi at the moment we thought about ending our trip.

In fact, a lot more of tour packages we have yet to cover and much more activities can be done here. Activities suggested vary for 3D2N & 5D4N, which even greater with 8D7N. For those backpacking for a whole month, I really respect them.

10.00AM … Had a finale shopping spree

Weather was again unpredictable when it rains while we were busy shopping. We stucked almost 20 min under the shelter of shops. Luckily our hotel wasn’t too far from Ao Nang’s street.

 Morning walkAo Nang street

Check-out on time by 11.30am.

We had booked our airport transfer from J-Hotel which offered a reasonable price and we decided to use them. It’s much cheaper than we came here, only 500 baht (~RM50) for 4 persons.

J-Hotel Airport Transfer servicespacious van

Waiting at Krabi airportgoing around

My lunchat airport Yellow Orchid Restaurant

Tuk-tuk made from tin can … unique and presentable

Souvenirs from usto our friends in Malaysia

This marked the END for my second visit to Krabi and my group first visit. I’m the sole organizer to make the trip meaningful and cover as much as possible during this extended 5D4N trip. We could have done much more if not because of unpredictable weather.

Time to bid Goodbye to Krabi. Till next time to Thailand again … perhaps Phuket or Koh Samui?