Our much awaiting island tour finally here. We secured a day trip to James Bond Island with Canoeing after the previous day’s excursion of Jungle Tour.

Sweet2Krabi @ Krabi (Day 4)Island Tour

James Bond Island is a famous landmark in Phang Nga Bay. Its famous landmark was through the starring role of James Bond movie, The Man with the Golden Gun.

Our tour cost 900 baht (~RM80) per person. The itinerary was as following:

  • Longtail boat to James Bond Island & Khao Ping Gan
  • Canoeing trip at Lot Cave
  • Lunch @ Koh Panyee (Muslim Floating Village)
  • Visit Suwankhuha Temple (Monkey Cave)
  • Swimming at waterfall

The humidity level was same as a day before, a wet day. Hope things would turn out good for us. At least we have one island tour else the entire trip would be in great disappointment.

Day 4 has just begun … see the pictures below.

Day 4 … 7.00AM … Krabi Resort’s last breakfast

Woke up early in the morning, reminded ourselves, this is gonna to be the last day we stay in Krabi Resort. We’d made our way checking-out early at 8.30am after breakfast.

Simple breakfastto avoid overturn stomach during boat excursion

10.30AM … Long-tail boat to James Bond Island

We were brought to the jetty where we transferred to James Bond Island.

A damn serious tour guidewatching over us

Floating villagefisherman village

After passing few spectacular islands and massive rocks from the middle of sea, we approached the famous James Bond Island. The real name for this place was actually Koh Khao Ping Gan. Rarely people calling it Ping Gan, as it does mean of leaning rock.

We landed at a small beach used to be jetty for most of the boats.

Boat landingcrowded beach coming from Krabi & Phuket

 Tourists from Phuket

The main attraction of this island is the standing rock just not far from offshore. The other name for this island was actually Koh Tapu (nail island). To reach this view, we need to climb up and down some stone steps.

Of course, this was a trademark of Thailand tourism where people comes from far just to check it out this rock. It’s beautiful. Out of luck, weather empowered us and brought dark cloud to us, causing huge water splashing over the beach side and we never had chance to drop by the beach for photo.

End up we moved back to the cave for sheltering.

The Rockwind started to blow wildly

Looking for shelter … waiting the rain to stop

Boat passing under the caverock formation tunnel

Drop at a small jettysea canoeing activity

Lot Cave Canoeingchoose to let them do it for you

Enjoy the view … rather than sweating, battling the waves

Great view for all sort of rock formation

Only two per canoe don’t get yourself capsized

HiPPo doesn’t want to miss this

Calm water

Canoeing around by canal boat

We crossed few “hongs” or rooms, according to the local call where it was most hair-raising. The current high tides, the ceilings are relatively lower and we’re warned to keep our limbs in the boat as much as possible. The cave becomes practically pitch-black with the smell of wet limestone and drips of water.

At same time, I felt my nose tip just below the ceiling. Really panic and small move up could make my skin scratch by the sharp rock. I’d this shit for twice, entering and exiting. Fuh!

It was cool and quiet inside this vicinity.

We sit up with relief, gulping in fresh air as our hearts continue pounding.

Won’t be able to sneak into this placewith high tides

Only enter with low tidesbut dangerously

Accommodating some happy snap by the boat guide

My water-proof bagOcean Pack brand from Bangkok

On the same day itself, after James Bond Island visit, we moved to Koh Panyee, a small island that housing fascinating village built over the shallow water.

The tourism here is now well established, all the way through the village, stalls are selling crafts, clothes and souvenirs. We settled our lunch (provided in the package) here.

Panyee Restaurant … organized by Krabi River Tour

Various crafts, clothes & souvenirsfloating village or fisherman village?

Nice handicraft made by shellcost about 50 baths (bargain able)

Koh Panyee school

From Koh Panyee, we headed back to the mainland where our van drops us for another attraction, Monkey Cave.

Monkey Cavemonkeying around 


Entrance of Monkey Cave

Climb up to the top … the dead end

View from the top … stalactite & stalagmite formed over the years

A wet day rose to us whether it’s suitable for waterfall visit. However, just a visit without any swimming activities due to strong water stream. We all agreed.

Entrance at Waterfallpurely a visit, no swimming

Tone-Tai Waterfallgiven a name of this fall

Nature Trail available for hikersmisses it!

Muddy waterfall waterbut gonna be fun if can dip into it

Calling out our end-of-tour, we transferred back to our resort. Our excitement doesn’t end here. We planned for the night market visit at Krabi Town. This night market only open from Friday to Sunday.

Located at famous Krabi cavemen traffic light, short distance from the Vogue Shopping Centre. There are mostly Thai food and fruits selling at Krabi Night Market.

To go there, we merely hiring a tuk-tuk for 600 baht only (return transfer). He offered us an extra service to fetch us from Krabi Resort to our next hotel, J-Hotel for free. Our last night accommodation was settled at there.

J-Hotela truly budget hotel for your needs (~RM40 per night)

J-Hotel’s roomsimple and elegant

J-Hotel’s bathroomspacious and clean

Outside J-Hotela series of massage’s centre

6.00PM … Get ready for Krabi Town Night Market

Tuk-tuk reserved to provide us return transfer … waiting us outside the J-Hotel

Who say 4 can’t fit into it?we did it!

Famous monkey cavemen traffic lightonly manage to visit at night

Night marketKrabi town

The sweets and the savories

We spent 2 hours plus at this market and tried all sort of food we like. By having all we wanted, we almost can settle our dinner by just eating around. Things were turned to be good where we’d all we expected.

Return transfer from tuk-tuk waited us at where he dropped us, brought us back to our hotel. We only pay once we returned back to our place safely.

Continue with our sweet-sweet timewalking down the street

At this night, we ain’t going for any massage service. We prefer to spend it on food that we like to eat. All about eating trip plus outdoor, enjoy the fullest.

There goes for our Day 4 activities.