Our Day 3 plan was Full Day Jungle Tour. Not enough for water activities, we decided to sail through the jungle for more, the Hot Spring Fall & Emerald Pool. Continue with temple visit at Tiger Cave.

 Jungle Tour @ Krabi (Day 3)Nature Exploration

The selling point offer to us for the package was the following:

  • Visit Emerald Pool, swimming and relaxing in the nature bath
  • Visit Hot Spring Waterfall, enjoy & relaxing in the hot water (35-40 C)
  • Visit Tiger Cave temple, the most famous temple in Krabi Province
We prepared our rough terrain shoes swimming clothes & insect repellent. In fact, swimming clothes is needed almost daily trip to nature place. Any chance you will meet water pool, be a fall, hot spring or even beach.

Good morning Krabi!

Day 3 … 7.00AM … Get ready for breakfast

We were lucky to have stay in this resort with fulfilling breakfast everyday. Even though outside food are much variant, but normally morning rush would prefer take from resort itself.

Our lunch later was included part of our tour package.

Breakfast @ Krabi Resorton the beach!

9.30AM … Jungle Tour begun

A van transfer from our resort to the destination started. Not only we were booking this tour, but quite few resort to stop by for picking up.

We reached the Emerald Pool entrance by 10.00am. A short briefing and expected time to return in 2 hours. For me, time wasn’t enough to spend there. Unless you go back yourself, you can have your sweet time. Very unlikely for us to know the direction of the place.

Private Tour transfercan fit about 12 pax

This place was well kept with a “Welcome to Emerald Pool” display at the entrance. Not much time given to go around and snap photo. We only quickly move on to the trail towards the Emerald Pool, in order to save our quality time to enjoy the pool instead.

Walk to the trailleading to the Emerald Pool

Very beautifulcan I do jungle trekking?

Jungle trailwas under construction

Clear drain water … great temptation

Estimated 800mto reach the Emerald Pool

Toilet signonly 20m to the left

Voilasighted the pool in front

Slippery cautionalong the wooden plank

A small junctionvery near to the pool

Another short walk, we reached the amazing Emerald Pool, a greenish jade color plus some cooling effect I can felt. Under the hot sun in the noon definitely a rewarding to jump into the pool immediately.

An Emerald Poolfallen in love

Shiny waterreflection from sun ray


We were told that Blue Pool is a must visit as well. Due to time constraint, the temptation must HOLD first in order to give way to Blue Pool first.

There was a 15 min walk through the wooden plank up to the Blue Pool. However, swimming is not allowed due to soft sand under the water.

Continue walk on the direction given

Water flow to the Emerald Poolcontained rich mineral

Wooden plank get seriously damagedbe careful

Another 200m to reachwalking on the trail instead

Reached its platform … Amazing Blue Pool

Hidden gemsnot elsewhere but Krabi

Walk back to Emerald Poolanother 15 min time

After visited this Blue Pool, not much time left for us to dip into Green Pool. We took our remaining time to enjoy the pool at fullest.

A slippery surface when we went down and up. But overall it’s refreshing to have a dip in this pool.

FUN but darn HOT the waterwater temperature is kind high here

End of Emerald Pool tourproceed to the NEXT

Next destination was to Hot Spring Waterfall. We were given only an hour to complete our visit and definitely not enough. According to the guide, dipping in hot spring shouldn’t be more than 20 minutes. It could be harmful because of the sulphuric water penetrates our body through the skin.

Entrance fees to this hot spring is 90 baht, but our package is included everything.

12.15PM … Hot Spring Waterfall

From the information board, this place known as Klong Thom Thermal Waterfall.

A short walk to the parkalong with proper facilities & direction

Briefing about the advantagesdo & don’t

Not my typical style to shower in hot springsimple dip is enough

Stream from high to lower level … sulphuric smell

Hot enough?look very enjoying

Relaxing up your bodyagain after Emerald Pool

Hot!wonderful dip for us

1.30PM … Lunch at Krabi Town

Our day tour has passed half-day. The guide sent us to the town for lunch. It was part of our package.

Restaurant Up-2-Yousettled our lunch here

Spicy delicacieswith white rice

Fruit servedhad it all the time for this trip

2.30PM … Tour to Wat Tham Suea (Tiger Cave Temple)

This temple is located 9km from north of Krabi Town. The inside of this cave features tiger prints captured in stone, and it’s in the middle of a lush forest, with enormous, ancient trees.

Again time given to spend our time was very limited. I can almost forget about the thousand staircase if only one hour given for our visit. Sigh!

Temple visitneed to record your name & country plus donation

History of the Tiger Cave

Tiger cave does have this staircase challenge. Having climb up 1,237 steps to the top. Five times more than Batu Caves 272 steps.

Before attempt this, I calculated amount time needed, about 20 min my speed to go up. Going down another 10 min. I don’t think I can make it around this amount of time, because of limited time given to us. I gave up.

Challenging activity … 1,237 steps to the top mountain

Try to walk up … impossible mission in 30 minutes

At this point of height 200 steps … I took 10 minutes

Forgot about getting to top of the mountain. I better go around for other places.

There are several other caves in the surrounding hill. As a hikers of my own, I prefer go into a jungle for exploration, be a cave or just simply a flora. But this place offer more than that. Inside the cave features tiger prints captured in stone & few ancient trees to visit.

Forestry Parkinto the jungle trek and exploration

Starting point after an incline of staircases

First sign-directionlures you into explore The CAVE

Another sign indication … BIG TREE comes first before THE CAVE

Saw the CAVEmissed out the TREE

Loogtanoo Cavelimestone cave I think

Another CAVE?anxiousness arises, but others make a U-TURN

Saw another CAVEdon’t feel crawling in to check-it out

Pla Lai Cavetoo dark, must use camera to know the name

Finally spotted BIG TREEwe found you

A creepy sound in the lush ancient jungle makes us worry about our direction. Would we be lost if just following the trail? Some trails had flooded with water, caused us to divert, instead following the correct trail.

Our time was up to return back but we were still in the jungle, looking the way back. The map telling us that we can get back to our starting point after one big round. We glad we return safely after struggling for exit point.

Overall, we late by 10 minutes and everyone was waiting for us.

4.30PM … Back to the resort, calling the day

Having ourselves through the jungle made us dirty and sweaty. We hopped on our van with some smell. Hope to get into water as soon as possible.

Once the guide dropped us at the resort, we noticed food stalls opened in front of our resort.

Varieties food to trycheap and tasty

10 baht per stickthe sauce was quite tasty

Pancake againnice to try because it’s famous here

We went to our room for clean-up after filling up our stomach.

Times for dinner date again!

Before dinner started at our preferred romantic location, we had another round of beach shot, during low tide, behind our resort.

Wet weather daybeach low tide was fun

Ladies were having fun at the beachwe just captured

Rain is comingbetter take the umbrella together for dinner

7.00PM … Thai’s food delicacies for Day 3

Other than nature places, we also very much into food. As long as it’s tasty, we always wanted to try. Day 3 dinner was better than previous night because we know how to order now.

Cute decoration on foodtheir selling point!

After dinner, we tend to walk along this famous street again for souvenir and next day tour. Massaging was one of our targets for the night.

Since we’d checked earlier on the pricing, we decided to try this Princeville Spa (run by the resort). We managed to get 300 baht for Aroma Massage package.

The night befallen again.

Tiredness strike due to high volume of water passing by us during the jungle activities. We were dehydrated but due to acidic level were high in our body.

We look forward for tomorrow plan, James Bond Island + Canoeing. Cost us 900 baht per person.

Good night Krabi!

To be continue … Sweet2Krabi @ Krabi (Day 4) – Island Tour