One of the most popular islands, Phi-Phi Island was our Day 2 plan. The islands feature beaches and clear water that have had their natural beauty. Nowadays, the place has turned into one of the major destinations for visitors in Krabi. However, things get overturned!

Sea Kayaking in Ao Thalane @ Krabi – A Truly Wet Day

However, our dream came to halt when the storm hit the ocean as early as we departed from the jetty, on half-way journey.

Tension! There’s gone my Maya beach dream!

Day 2 … 6.30AM … Getting ready for Island Tour!

I woke up and get prepare for early breakfast at resort itself.

Wet day morninggood sign to spot sunrise

Cafeteriaour breakfast buffet


Strong wavebad sign?

9.30AM … Pick-up from resort

Our tour package is included pick-up from hotel. The van pick everyone up from one to another hotel until full. By 10.00am, we reached the jetty where we took the speedboat to Phi-Phi Island.

Van pick-up from hotelstraight to jetty

A short briefing was given before departing. A slightly worry on the weather when the raining has just started and windy some more. It’s not a good sign.

Speedboat on the runfast enough to make us dizzy

Rain heavily outsidewater splashing into the boat

I hope it was a temporary but once we were on the way, our guide told us to make a U-turn, saying it was a rough wave in front. Even we reached the beach, but it’s nothing to enjoy when the sea was rough.

In helpless state, the speedboat turned back to shore and drop us to our van transport. By guaranteed a full refund, I hop on the van return transfer with great disappointment.

Lin (from, our agent was waiting us at Krabi Resort for the refund. She was very helpful to organize a replacement for us based on our choice. Elephant trekking is NO-NO.

Finally, we decided on half-day tour. We charged 500 baht per pax for Half-Day Sea Kayaking at Ao-Thalane.

She arranged someone to fetch us from Krabi Resort. It was near a slip to organize such last minutes, but with her well connection, she managed to make our day meaningful.

11.30am … Pick-up from resort again!

We were given about 30 min to clean-up before getting pick-up again from resort. It was an exclusive pick-up, only four of us.

Hoho!on the way to Ao Thalane

Worry about sunburnsun block here

Welcome to Ao Thalane Kayaking Trip this way please

A big concern of this activity which I’ve never tried before. Kayaking is tiring.

Just follow the plan and see how it goes.

Paddling boatwho paddle it? Me or you or BOTH?

Colorful boatready for the mission?

Paddling equipmentget ready!

First batch done … completed the canoeing trip

Second batch going outlet’s go!

Sound excited?for 2 hours, don’t think so

One trip took us about 2 hours plus, means it’s not like making one fun round like those in theme park. It was going the entire mangrove forests for magnificent scenery.

This kayaking was energy consumption. Both of my hand need to work very hard to paddle front and back.

First timeralways collide with others

Impossible to paddle half-way journey and call it a day because of tiring. You need to paddle all the way following the leader guide to get back to entrance point. Once started, no turning point. Mysterious world is waiting for you to explore.

I like kayaking!

Kind of race?it was fun, but we were the last

Two big guys with Kid’s racing life jacket strong team ahead

From start, I thought canoeing was free and easy. However, the leader guide told us to follow the group towards the entry of mangrove forest. Huh?

It’s like entering a small canal and we need to follow the group very closely.

Arghh … we hit left & right towards the root and stuck. Tension but funny. The guide tirelessly educated us to follow the rhythm of paddling! Can’t simply paddle without direction! Hah!

Paddle to the small canalmystery ahead

Enjoy the view of limestone & mangrove forest

Unpredictable weathersudden rain, nowhere to escape

Rest & photo-shootwith my waterproof bag

Back to where we startlow tides until we gotta back

This half-day tour was given no-lunch but fruit and drinks only.

With short break and clean-up, we went up the truck and sent back to our resort. For full-day tour, they’ve another session for swimming at some nature water.

5.30PM … Back to resort, planning for night

As we were on Day 2, much things to accomplish. Once we stepped to the lobby resort, we try to see what else we gotta go for tomorrow plan. This gonna decided by dinner time.

Our resort swimming pool was under-construction when we wanted to take a relaxing dip in the water. Instead, they sent us to nearby resort pool for our pleasure.

Timber House @ Ao Nanganother strategic resort along Ao Nang

Nice swimming poolno one except us

6.30PM … Get ready for night date

We had our dinner at Potjawan Food Center as it’s the nearest to our resort. Consider this as our luxury dinner for Day 2.

We ordered Seafood Tom Yam (of course!), Masamman Chicken, Omelette & green curry, Pineapple fried rice, all of the dishes was delicious Including our drinks, this mean cost us about 755 baht (~RM76).

Dinner @ Day 2replenish our energy

We went for an oil massage to recover our body due to excessive movement for both hands and legs. Cost only 250 baht (due to bargaining power on low season).

We booked and settled on Jungle Trip, Emerald Pool, & Hot Spring Waterfall at 600 baht per person tomorrow.

Night befallenKrabi Resort

Krabi Resort lobbyrelaxing

When we were back to hotel, both of us sit at the lobby for a while. We rest early on that night because our next day trip is going to be tiring.

Good night!

To be continue … Sweet2Krabi @ Krabi (Day 3) – Nature Exploration