Once again, congratulations to the both of you, Aaron & Michelle! “Loving couple!”. Although these photos come quite late. Here are some photos on your wedding dinner! Enjoy!

Wedding Reception : Sin Choi Wah Restaurant

Invited as I knew both of them. He is my ex-colleague. All of our ex-colleagues were sitting in one or two table, felt like a gathering. We’d a second round drink (first ever heard about groom who went out for drink after his wedding dinner?). Yes, he did follow us for second round drink.

From the drinking session, he told us he had few room rented in Tune Hotels (Kota Damansara) and no one is going to occupy it. Asking us whether interested to use or not.

For us who drink so much (in fact, we can drive back home no problem), we can have a nap at ‘local’ Tune Hotels. At normal situation, we won’t go for KL or PJ hotel, but this round was different.

Please enjoy the photos below.

Trademark hand-signfrom our brother DANSAN

Once dinner ended, of course all guests start to disperse from the restaurant, heading back home. But not for us.

We’d a second round gathering at Sunway Giza. LOL. The surprise is the groom asked to join us later, after he settled the bill and everything back home. Walao!

Ok, fine. We thought he was joking, but he does appear in front of us. Haha. So there goes for our second round drink until late 2am.

Drink … drink … drink

We did know about the extra unused room he had. He overbooked for convenience of some friends from oversea. Yet, still have 2 extra rooms for us. Voila.

We then check-in with the key at 3am & check-out on the next morning. A short stay at Tune Hotel Kota Damansara.

Room lobbywith security card

Artistic wallpaperour room

Bathroom doorTune Hotels.com

Very small bathroom

Good morning Tune HotelsKota Damansara

Early in the morning, we had our early lunch and straight to Teo Heng KTV. With using voucher bought from Groupon, we only able to sing for 3 hours.

We sing out our lung!!

Located at Sunway Giza

Ohh, sing whatever songs you wantno offense

A true enjoyable weekend with dinner with overnight stay. Some more, we can continue with next day activity without traveling much.

Thank you AA & Michelle for making our day enjoyable.