Sungai Nuang, a stream of water flows from Gunung Nuang that you normally encountered when you hike this mountain. No hiking for this trip during the weekend. That’s barbecues (BBQ) along the river.

BBQ @ Sungai Nuang (Nuang River)

When my friend, Paolo told me about the intention to make a BBQ near Sungai Nuang, I was thought of bringing loads of food, stove, drinks & accessories all the way from entrance to the hiking trail.

It was a very good training before eating a lot. But I was wrong. They actually occupied one of the hut build near the river, outside of the park ranger office, on the road side early in the morning when I called them.

Only discovered there are few spots ready for picnic & have a good fun time BBQ-ing.

Cool. How did he find such place?

To get a good spot for BBQ, one must be early to reach there. We were there quite early 8.30am and secured a hut at the strategic location. Means we can have the place comfortably, less crowded and own area for swimming.

Parking is FREE, as long as it’s not blocking the road.

Parking outside the entrance of the parkalong the road side

A small setup of BBQ stuffs like heating the charcoal, preparing the food and get things cooked were the most initial things when we reached. The food may be too heavy for us to consume at such early morning, we rather to have light food such as bread.

Paolo prepared a lot of good food, almost covered all type of raw food you can ever imagined. As all things were well prepared, we were there to enjoy the scenery and surrounding nature.

I was thinking, how can I tell people I went to Nuang not for hiking but BBQ? It was fun though.

Raw food and all kind of preparationready

Grilled chicken wingsyummy!

Free flow of water sourcesound like no wasting here

Morning raydirect between the trees

With such heavy meal, we suggested to stop for a while and let’s go for a small dipping in the river. I’ve such thought even before I start eating.

The water temperature was rather cold and icy. It doesn’t make even hungry though even after first round of BBQ.

Of course, not the end yet, we had another round of food consumption. Peoples started filling up the remaining hut and some of them just occupied a small place on river side. That’s an ugly side when they picnic at too close to the water.

I saw some picnickers bring their shampoos and wash their hair in the river. These people polluting the river with detergents they used. Oh god!

Dip in the riverafter self-fulfilling with foods

Five of uswhat an ordinary weekend mean for us

Ladies toilet?That’s funny though

Along the river, there are a lot of things to do. One of it is easing yourself. Toilet for male is everywhere, but for ladies, I spotted this area. Would you go further down for swimming? I doubt.

Nuang is famous for hiking, but because of the trek toughness, many treat this as training base. I would suggest people should try this at least once to experience it. I notice many hikers talked about Nuang, but get scared off with 12 hours hike.

Imagine if the ‘Never Ending’ route doesn’t exist, it must be crowded then. Chill out.

Our BBQ session was end at noon when hot weather strikes us. We called it a day where other picnickers were just lucky enough to occupy our hut. We keep the place clean by taking all rubbishes out from the picnic area. I’m sure everyone should do it to preserve the environment.