I never get tired of Tabur Hill, but nowadays I really focus on completing more new mountains. My latest attempt on Tabur Hill was last year, on West route which gave an old memory recall since 5 years back. Huh? Am I recalled my first ever hike in my life?

Tabur West (Bukit Tabur)

West route, is the most basic route when people talk about Tabur Hill, a hill with amazing view but dangerous enough if you fear of height. Satisfaction was priceless when you step on every unblocking view of the surrounding.

Yeah, a short of 10 minutes of steep hiking from the entrance can give you a very first introduction of what Bukit Tabur (Tabur Hill) can offer to you.

My revisiting trip to this hill was done quite some time, but this remain fresh in my mind. Although it wasn’t for tough training, but the view and expectation remain unchanged. Our early morning hike was welcome with a misty morning.

We were accompanied with a dog (called Tabur’s dog) which worried our safety and indirectly guiding us to the correct way.

From all the way up and down, towards some dangerous slope, we were sighted with landscape view.

Early in the morning 7am …

We parked our car at the trunk road leading to the entrance. At the end of the road is the death-end.

Trunk roadpark at roadside

Before the end-of-roadentrance begin here

Take care the naturedo not litter

Misty morningcan’t get a good sunrise view

Reflection from the dam waterrare sight

Following usensure we follow the right route?

Sign of bewarehornets can kill if get disturbed

View of urban cityfew lung of greenish area still around

Warning! This crossingwas not advisable as alternative way available now

Going downchallenging or not?

Sign of relief?not yet the peak

Mossy forestnot mossy anymore

Mossy pathlast part before end-of-road

View from DEAD end¬†… MRR2 view

Blocked!Further down the path is lead to no-where

Mission impossiblecrosses to the other side

Tabur West exploration ends here. Maybe I should do a yearly hike from now on.

No doubt, hiking can bring wonderful experience if you choose to hike Tabur Hill because the toughness rating is low and overall hiking hour is only taking 4 hours. Remember taking a camera with you together because you friend will gonna love it when you show the pictures to them.

But one thing for sure, it’s everyone responsibility to take care the nature so that other people can enjoy it. The nature takes million years to form the structure, but take a short moment to spoil it.

Let’s have fun on hill-hiking.