For a very first time I hiked Saga Hill, I did the Route A. There are 3 other routes (B, C, & D) to complete Saga hill-hiking series which known as much tougher and challenging.

Saga Hill (Bukit Saga)Route B

In my last Saga Hill post, I vowed to come back to complete the other trails. Route A was the most popular and majority hikers would choose. It can be fun to hike together instead alone venturing into alternative way to reach the peak.

I hardly find people go up at Route A and back from Route B, as during my hike, I was alone all the way up.

From normal Saga Hill entrance, I passed by the stall that selling nasi lemak, karipap and fruits. Not long after I entered the trail, I noticed a sign indicating Route B direction to the right.

Please follow the sign available. It’s a safe trekking if you follow the sign, if you can’t follow people in front of you.

Route B is not a famous trail by majority hikers due to its nature and slippery condition. The trail hardly has anyone passed by.

Starting point of Route Bcrossing mini waterfall

Crossing jungle trailsproper trek covered by dry leaves

Rope assistancesteep slope

Long determinationcompleted Route B

Taking this route might take about an hour less. It’s not that easy as Route A, but determination is needed to make it success. Of course, many people would rather do the popular trail, but if you were categorized as amateur, you may take something different and new.

Route C & D (labeled as Courages & Dangerous) yet to be attempted. I may attempt this soon to mark a completion and guide for those interested to Saga Hill hiking series.