I did 3 times Gunung Datuk in these 3 years. Gunung Datuk, a very good hiking ground for many hikers now, is equipped with better signboard and facilities. Many without doubt, would give a try as it was only 2-3 hours to touch the peak surrounded by 360 degrees view.

Gunung DatukA mountain for everyone

To make entire hiking experience interesting, one must form a group of interested hikers who wanted to try out this mountain, no matter their first time or re-attempt again. It was fun hiking together.

Exactly what I did in my third attempt at Gunung Datuk. I went with a group of casual hikers. They’re not new to hiking but rather to find something useful to achieve on this public holiday.

I was shocked to learn that the fees has risen to RM5 per person from RM3 last time. We need to jot down our name and contact number and this list is going to send to police station for record, in case any casualties, it brings rescuer job easier.

A good place for hiking is getting pricier, forget about the travel cost from KL – Rembau alone.

Usually, Gunung Datuk can be completed within half a day if you started early. But since many would prefer start around 9am, they’ll need to bring lunch pack to consume at the peak.

It was an awesome view when you had your meal or drink up at the peak, on top of the large boulder, surrounding with round clock view.

Early morning journey to Rembau …

I started my journey to Rembau, where the Gunung Datuk located. There was hardly a good direction in the beginning of road after the toll (Padas/Linggi). But after you keep your direction to Rembau, you’ll start to see brown signboard indicated Gunung Datuk. Follow the direction until you reach the car park where you’ll see a big Keris tucked on the ground.

Heading into trunk roadto car park

Summary info¬†… Mount Datuk

Getting readytwo DSLR kaki have become small camera fan

Contact Info to be notedperson-in-charge of the park

The trail started with going down to the river and cross the bridge. In the very beginning, one could easily get lost if you didn’t see the trail properly.


Please take note that you must start hike-up and gradually going up the steeps step, but not going down OR even walk on a flat trail. This is a wrong way. Hikers usually walk straight and found out there’s not even start hiking but going deep into the jungle.

Beginning¬†of the trekking journey …

Jungle trekking should be upward right after crossing the bridge.

Visible trekenough for two way up and down

Fallen tree is blocking our normal routealternative road opened

During a dry daynon slippery trek

Boulder area with ladder climbing is the most exciting moment. Not everyone dares to climb this old and rusty ladder, but it was strong enough to have ONLY one person at one time.

Although it was tight-up with rope (multiple rope), the ladder can be shaken even on the person itself. It’s kinda risky but do hold the ladder properly and bend your body towards the boulder (rock) to have your balance there.

Ladder climbinga must try on last part to reach the top

Top of the world is waiting youchallenging ladder climb

Having all those challenges ahead you and you able to reach on top of the world was rather self-fulfilling. I saw not many wanted to give a try and satisfy on first ladder challenge. Subsequent ladder will bring you to the real top where 360 degrees is awaiting you!

As I mentioned before, it was kinda risky to have this rusty ladder. I personally decided to skip this part because I worry my weight would damage this ladder which shown sign of destruction. I’ve touched base the top, my third attempt do not really matter for me anymore.

Overall, Gunung Datuk was an attractive mountain for many hikers who just have developed strong interest into hiking activities. They normally would try to get more experience by climbing a mountain which takes about 6 hours or less. Any hiking more than 8 hours considered a much into hardcore.

Some more, the popularity of this place has given a mindset that this place was secured and have a good navigation and security in placed.

If you’re just into hiking activities or those have done multiple mountains before, you may just consider Gunung Datuk as your training ground.

Gunung Datuk, a mountain for everyone, is what I can tell you here.