You may not hear about Danga Bay until you come across with Tune Hotels that build at premier location of Danga Bay. That’s how I come across this place, thanks to Tune Hotels strategic build-up location.

Danga Bay – Malaysia’s premier waterfront city

Danga Bay has a close equivalent to this hotel chain because of marketing threw by them. However, this place was known as Malaysia’s premier waterfront city and the largest recreational park in the city of Johor Bahru. I was thinking of famous and busy street wandering around with all the shops bargaining products. Similarly, I would imagine some equivalent of happening here. In fact, a total reversed.

I reached Danga Bay‘s Tune Hotels when the night befallen. It was a few hours’ drive from Endau Rompin that I left after my early dinner. We separated into group that going back to KL and I continue going to Johor Bahru.

This has marked my continuous journey towards Johor Southern, one step further to Singapore land.

My GPS failed to locate exact location of Tune Hotels despite just recently build. Infrastructure and design are appealing and night view was just superb and catchy.

Tune Hotels @ Night

Walkway outside the room

Door entry to room

Our comfy bed

Last but not leasttoilet

After settled down our luggage and stuffs, we drove to nearby supermarket for a plenty of water bottles and light food. There were ample of time for us for wandering Plaza Angsana shopping mall.

I’d get back on preparation for tomorrow itinerary. The night was with us at Johor Bahru.

Good night.

Good morning, Danga Bay and Tune Hotels.

A long waiting on getting around Danga Bay is finally here. I brought my set of DSLR for photo-shooting. The day felt warm with blue skies.

Lobby @ Tune Hotels

Tune Hotels Danga BayHello, good morning!

A great disappointment was put me down in the early morning when I try to look after Festive Street Mall. It was other than abandoned infrastructure and close notification. What a great down-hearted!

A quiet and empty long street of shop-lots were just left empty and no one ever can imagine highly imaginative town-ship and shopping street boosting so many retails lots are just a piece of history.

A piece of historyall retail lots

Who knows what happened here? Only a few places seem to be alive and kicking, nothing than Danga Marina Club and Danga Beach. Another was Danga World Petting Zoo, where exhibits a variety of bird species, monitor lizards and other animals for public viewing. I skipped this.

Marina Clubhappening at night

Basically daylight in Danga Bay was just a normal day and no crowd or people walking around can be seen except two of us.

Stopped by Marina Club, a place where international restaurants served a variety of oriental, Asian and Western cuisines. The place is facing the jetty where all the boats sailed side-by-side.

A scenic view for photography

Within an hour, I’ve taken so many shots of ourselves. However, here is one of my favorite pictures below.

Favorite shotDanga Marina Club

Due to the hot weather at noon, my next visit place was none other than shopping complex around Johor Bahru.

At late noon, I prepared with my gear for another shooting. A garden look-alike was maintained quite well, called Danga World. At night, varieties of theme rides were opened for family and couple.

A park with all kind of ridesonly at night

From theme park, there was a connection to a clock garden, resembles Stone Age Britons. It’s an interesting place to hang-on for some funny shot.

Stone Age Clockfound in Danga Bay

Hop on the other side … we found a gate to the beach. That’s Danga Beach.

Danga Beach … happening at night

Danga Cruise 8dinner cruise along the waterfront

Danga Cruise 8 triple-decker sea-cruise restaurant

Danga Marina Club viewfrom Danga Beach

Wedding photo-shooton-going for two couples

Night view offers fabulous lighting that complements our eyes. As many businesses started at night, the environment was more happening.

Sunset jettyoffers great tranquility to our eyes and mind

From Marina Club, I walked back to theme park where all the rides were opened. Not many flocking around the stall and seems quite.

Game stalls for plushy toys

Varieties ride offeredbut counter seems to be OFFLINE

Train stationthe most catchy and attention from visitors

Pony ridesanyone?

Among many rides, train rides and pony rides invited more riders.

The night was colorful and overall it should shows how well was Danga Bay. Facilities and places were maintained well, but only lack of marketing effort put Danga Bay at risk of total closure from visitors.

At this point of writing, Dang Bay.DotCom was down and under maintenance. On whether Danga Bay will be revived from bottom-line was still far unknown. It was like a dead city.

After completed my trip, I only realized my Danga Bay trip was nonetheless known a visit to hidden waterfront city.

There’s goes my 3rd anniversary trip for me & my girlfriend at Danga Bay.