By having to complete this route, I’ve concluded my series of Saga & Apeh Hill hiking which have many entrances and route mainly from Station 1 to Station 6 (Apeh Hill) and Route A to D (Saga Hill). How unique isn’t it?

Apeh Hill via Cheras Awana

To complete Saga Hill is not about up to the peak and to complete Apeh Hill is not about up to the waterfall. All must cover all the routes available in the map as possible. Having all the routes in ONE day was tough although not impossible, giving a full day from morning until evening to do this.

From my experiences to climb Apeh Hill started from Saga’s peak where it’s connected via Station 6 & 5 throughout the waterfall site. Later my experience told me there’s another route connected to Station 6 & 5, where is the 4, 3, 2 & 1? All these stations are well-crossed if you came from Cheras Awana.

Do not get confused between Cheras Hatamas & Cheras Awana because it’s located side by side. You will see Cheras Hatamas on your left before you turn right to Cheras Awana. That’s how close both entrances are.

From starting pointfruit stall to replenish your sugar level

A flat terrainentrance to the jungle

Passing the desert stallenvironmental awareness signboard

Uniqueness foundrubber trees

First stopStation 1

Small bridge checkpointall the way up

From all the way up, I probably unaware I’ve crossed some important signboard indicated the Station number because everyone seems to follow the majority goes. Shortcut trail straight to Station 6 is available and people reached before me which I was surprise in the first place.

How they all reached before me? They skipped all station from 3-5 .That the beautiful of having alternative path.

I’ve gone through all the station from 1-6 to mark my completion.

Perhaps this is Station 2no clear sign except the big 2

Yeah! I’m heading to Station 3on the go

Touch-base Station 3at last

Passing Station 4 signbut nowhere to be seen

Oppsstation 5 soon

From station 5option to go Waterfall in 30 mins

Else go opposite direction of waterfallto Station 6

Reach Station 6 instead of proceed to waterfallStation 6 base

Station 6 base is where all the trekkers gathered from all directions (Apeh Hill via Cheras Awana & Cheras Hatamas, Apeh Waterfall back from Station 5 and Saga Hill’s peak).

You gotta plan accordingly to your hike plan from here. But most people will choose to Waterfall because no point if you come from Saga’s trail and end point at Cheras Awana. Unless you purposely taste the desert at the Tong Sui’s stall.

Up and down from all the way was kind of exhausting at the end. That’s the reason most people try to train their stamina here for tough mountain challenge.

Dessert’s stall (Tong Sui’s stall)at the entrance of Cheras Awana

A young lady with sweet voicevarious dessert of the day

Sweet red potatomade my day after hiking

After this route, I found out Apeh Hill offer much more to explore. More trails and shortcut opened up by local for easier and safe hiking for everyone. More beginner hikers are joining the hike every weekend especially those with family. They wanted a safe & guidance trail, not trodden and slippery trek.

For myself, I can’t say I’ve enough for this place because I found more interesting route to complete despite new trail being opened to promote this interchange hill around Cheras could link.

The below map taken along the trail, shows the entire hiking trek available.

Saga Hill + Cheras Hill + Waterfall

Don’t you want to try all these trails?