It’s surprise for some of folks who lived in Puchong who doesn’t know Bukit Puchong exist. Even for myself in KL, doesn’t know its existence until people share their hiking pictures. My curiosity arose.

Bukit Puchong

Synonym with Bukit Puchong, the name of this hill was given because the geographical location at Puchong area. The exact name is Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve Puchong. It’s not a tough hill to hike, anyone with the passion of hiking should explore this place.

The uniqueness of this hill was the location. Under the rapid development of every piece of land in Puchong, you still can find such a woodland available for hiking. Normally I need to travel long hour to get a descent good place for hiking. But this was not the case.

I have hike this hill for few times. Hence this post is going to be a compilation from all few experiences.

The main entrance located at Jalan Wawasan 5/1 with GPS co-ordination here (Google Maps). You will find many car parks on road side, mostly with the reason of hiking.  It’s kinda pack on weekend. But parking is not an issue here.

Since I’ve started my training regime for my upcoming tough challenge, I’ve chosen few hills to explore and test my stamina. Not many hills were giving me tough time except Bukit Kutu (toughness equal to any mountains).

Normally we gathered at Giant Bandar Puteri Puchong, before we head up to the entrance car park. Many cars were earlier than us, but we managed to find a parking a bit far near the shop area.

At a glance, I know where the entrance is, because people were heading to one direction into jungle. We followed.

Car park areanormally pack on weekend

Starting pointa trail lead into jungle

Crowded during the peak hournormally around 8am

Short hike moment … reached an open area

Not far … and real hike yet to start

At this point, most of us will joke that we’d reached the peak. But in fact, the real hike was yet to start.

Real hiking just started …

Once we further a bit, we met a junction here. Normally people will choose RIGHT because it’s much easier and popular. Both direction will still touch the peak, but RIGHT is definitely taking lesser time.

Confuse?follow majority

Flat trackenjoy while you can

Misty and cooling airwhat do you expect?

Upward hike startedfollow the trail

Puchong Hill’s peaka flat ground

Upon reaching the peak, there were none other than way downward the trek. Like it or not, that’s the peak after a short hike, just about to feel enough at last steady steep slope.

Forbidden entry …

From peak, there were 3 directions down to the hill, one direction from coming up while another is going down. The remain direction was also going down, but this was forbidden by a long thin orange rope with pink fabric.

Mind you, to decide whether to cross this borderline or not.

It’s not advisable because it will lead to crossing unauthorized area.

NO entryto the other side of forest reserve

If you would like to know what was beyond the line, the next post entry shall reveal the place.