Following of my existing post about Bukit Puchong, the forbidden crossing was lead to one of the most pristine waterfall that I ever visited.

Pristine Fall – Hidden Jewel Under A Bustling City

Hiking never leave you without an astonishment. I took this opportunity to secure and enjoy a rare sight waterfall which was not open to public, therefore a necessary permit to access is advisable to be granted.

The exact location is well conserved under UPM Forestry Department for their research.

A trek leading from the peak down to the fall was about half an hour. Not many know the place, but gradually peoples were curious and it become a hot topic among waterfall lover.

Let’s the pictures do the talk again …

One of the 3 directionsdownward the slope hill

A tall notice board erectedto safe guard the place from intruders

Water level is deepa short visit from the group

Crystal clear waterflowing down

Quiet and pure fresh airpollution is ZERO!

Calm water but deep … at waist level

Another pristine water poolcan’t resist for soaking

A group of youngsterfound enjoying the nature jewel

Dog’s best friendenjoying the nature

In recent month, I’ve been informed a guard was place to DISALLOW people from getting near the waterfall. It’s a good move to preserve it from getting crowded and possibility of pollution around the place. I support the move.

Leave nothing but footprint, take nothing but picture.