Endau Rompin National Park is a protected tropical rainforest in Malaysia. The area covered from Pahang south to the northeast of Johor covering an approximate area of 870 km square feet. Effectively, it’s the second largest national park in Peninsular Malaysia after Taman Negara.

Endau-Rompin Selai

It was a huge group consists of many hardcore camper and hikers. Only known few of them in the group, me and my own self with my partner have took this opportunity to join them. Two from my group were suddenly pull out, so I’ve to take over the accommodation portion which was confirmed earlier.

Jungle trekking and national park visit is always my desires no matter where, be this 2D1N Endau-Rompin Selai Trip. An advanced of registration is required about 2 months plus, the organizer was ensure everyone agreed on a specific date before the event kick-off.

Activities are ranging from jungle trekking, river boat, jungle night walk and river rafting. But my group was opted only for camping and simple waterfall trekking via jungle trail.

The cost for camping was quite cheap. I’ve no camping experience, therefore opting for a jungle hut instead, RM60 per night (up to 4 pax).

The breakdown cost is as follows:



  • Permit – RM5
  • Insurance – RM2
  • Car entry – RM10
  • Visiting cert – RM5
  • Guide fees – RM50 per day (compulsory)
  • Camping – RM5
  • Jungle hut – RM60

The organizer collected RM70 per pax (inclusive of permit, insurance, certificate, guide fees and 4WD), excluded jungle hut cost.

8.30am … Registration at main office

Organizer has set 4am to leave from KL by car. Target to arrive by 8am at registration office. Met at Yong Peng Utara exit 241 from North South Expressway, we crossed towards Segamat/Labis and straight to Chaah town. Turn into Bekok town when you saw “Sg Bantang Air Terjun, Bekok”.

Pejabat Taman Negara Endau Rompinwhere we park our cars and hop on 4WD

9.30am … Campsite @ Lubuk Merekek

The drive into jungle by 4WD requires about ONE hour for about 26km long. A bumpy ride is expected where we were comfortably sitting inside. We indeed saved a lot of ‘trekking’ hour by this trunk road if there’s no 4WD service available.

This road is leading to campsite area called Lubuk Merekek.

Leading into entrance of campsiteLubuk Merekek

Large campsite areacost RM5 as rental fees

10.00am … Jungle Hut @ Lubuk Tapah

A further from the campsite, around 500 meters by 4WD, there was a jungle hut area @ Lubuk Tapah. This facility is for those who prefer under the roof and willing to fork extra for comfort and warmer night.

Entrance of Lubuk Tapahthe base camp

Given FOUR unit for our group … simple and comfy

My unit number 15 …  a relatively small fit for maximum 4 pax

Toilet facilitiesnot far from ALL jungle huts

11.00am … Gathered @ Campsite (Lubuk Merekek)

Far from settle down completely in our hut, we have to rush for waterfall trek departure from campsite. We took 4WD again out to campsite. A huge group was difficult to manage by one or two, rather self-manage is more preferable.

Day 1 Activities was 2 hours trek to Takah Tinggi.

After briefing by our guide, we walked towards Lubuk Tapah (where the jungle hut located). The trail head shall start from there.

Self-punctualitycheck-point for briefing on Day 1

1.15pm … Takah Tinggi Fall

An hour plus hike was required for the first waterfall. This was the only waterfall on Day 1 due to time constraint and gloomy weather. No choice and have to give up the second fall.

This fall (Takah Tinggi) was not allowed anyone to swim due to strong current and deep water. Sighted from far, we only can enjoy the breeze and sound coming from fallen water.

3.40pm … Touching base trail

Our Day 1 was ended after we reached the base. This was slightly earlier than expected due to skipping one waterfall. Our hope was dashed but joyful on the scenery. We were indeed amazed by the forest reserved landscape at our staying area (Lubuk Tapah).

There’s a kitchen preparing food for guest. However, understand that it should be booked ahead for meal (ala BBQ style). Mostly guest from Singapore are more likely to engage for meal on board.

Amazing river landscapelocated at Lubuk Tapah

Kitchen for food preparationDIY or meal-on-board

6.30pm … Night befallen

My humble piece of experience from this trip was I’m not prepared for any kind of dinner nor meal. My initial thought was having a place like warong (eatery hut) with ala-carte order. I was wrong, all participants were bringing at least some cookery or mash tin for the cook while the one person may in-charge of all the foods preparation.

I should at least contribute some foods in exchange of others, but in fact, I’m not aware of this. So it does a big joke for me. What an experience here. I should go camping ASAP. LOLz.

I was very lucky to meet Jeffrey Yeoh, who I met in FB first, before met in real-life. He was consistently commented all my nature hiking photos and coincidentally he was part of this group. He invited me to his ‘non-camping’ style dinner at the eatery hut.

Preparation was done at much look like food packing and fast cooking. At that night, I was delightfully joining their dinner and get fun together. Thanks man!

Light turn ONafter 7pm for 12 hours

Day 2
8.00am … Waterfall trekking (cont..)

As early as 6am, sound of people awaken has been heard. Not sure why, but I woke up around one hour before the actual gathering time which was 8am.

The hike was about an hour plus before reaching Takah Berangin. You should not expect some wind blow, but consistently heavy blow from the fall. Even my camera couldn’t stand long for watery drop from the fall. Better keep it out asap.

Heading to Takah Beranginbefore to Takah Pandan

Rare sightno camping place

Messing up with cold watermassaging in progress

Takah Pandanthe nicest view of falls

12.30pm … Back to our jungle hut

Time spending at this fall was rather short and just for our lunch period. We know it’s time to end our waterfall trek in this short visit to Endau-Rompin Selai. About an hour, I reached the base, clean up and get ready to check-out.

Having fruit/meal while soaking downa different side of enjoying the nature

The GREAT photoan ABSOLUTE group photo

3.00pm … Departing from camp to park office

It was a unwilling feel to leave the place within a short visit. This place is nothing than a place for group outing, at least for me. The fun was there. Camping experience, taken at a safe place.

No comparison made between Taman Negara Pahang and Endau-Rompin Selai because these two national parks were built under different commercialization. Endau-Rompin Selai was more suitable to adventure and independent, less focus on tourism or family gathering.

No doubt, I love nature and this was what I’ve visited to one of the Johor National Park, Endau-Rompin Selai last year. Let’s taking this as leisure nature trip rather than exhaustive and tiring long-hour hiking at some mountains I did last year.

End-of-trip. Bye