A brand new year post for those who celebrate Chinese New Year. As per my write-up in my year 2012 resolution, it was pretty hectic and self-fulling year for myself.

23 – 24 Jan 2012 | Gong Xi Fa Chai 2012

From the picture above, this year is belong to Dragon year. A year of symbolizing good fortune and intense power. Dragon is said to be a deliverer of fortune and authority, hence for those born in Dragon years are to be honored and respected.

I’m 29 years old this year, a meaningful year to keep on receiving red packet from elderly and those married. Many were expecting me to start giving out next year, means cash flow will be flowing out. I should get as many as I can this year from those married friend, associates and partner.

Rabbit year has seen myself progressing much in preparing my another life stage. Prosperity came to me in getting a property and capital for my business as well as future prospect career. Thanks Rabbit for making my year so meaningful.

I’ve total of 9 days leave for CNY 2012, hence a lot of plans getting on for the whole week. Pardon for less updates about my recent trips because I’ve giving many hours to perform my responsibilities this year.

Wish my readers, Kong Hee Fatt Chai and visitors a very good prosperous year.