01.01.12 … marks an equally important post in DeXXy.Net. Have you set your resolutions for year 2012? Good presentation of your resolutions will make things more achievable. Don’t you agree?

3 Jan 2012 | Happy New Year 01.01.12

A man’s vision can be concisely put in such easy way, notably career, family, health, financial and entertainment. To attain those, my resolutions must have a strong degree of relationship between them.

A greater shall look upon myself to get something done better than last year even though something must be loosen up a bit to get others go through.

Let’s me start with my Y2k12 resolutions before I recall back my Y2k11 achievements.

In Y2k12 ahead …

An immensely important year in my life. The turning point where I shall put myself in greater height of the year. Thanks to my past resolutions to keep me on track and become a guideline for me to look with greater outcome. The year is finally come.

Wise is betterthe wiser the better

As I mentioned, a man’s vision can be put in very simple way.

  • Career Status
  • Health Maintenance
  • Family Building
  • Progressive Vacation

Career Status

It’s not beyond my expectation when comes to career. I’ve chosen a right career in a right time. I’ve never lose grip on opportunities where brings me to this stage. Really thanks to my lucky star. Time will be proven my worth and value.

Health Maintenance

Life is meaningful without health. It does bring all the joy and meaningful in my life. Treasuring a good life is a must in resolution every year. No doubt.

Family Building

Bells ringing when times is up to certain stage. No one could be exception unless plan otherwise. The relationship that I ripped all the years has come to ripen. You could figure out if you’re wise.

Progressive Vacation

Many can stand without it. It has been with my life for so long until I’ve been associated strongly to it. The key elements of Time, Money & Energy are well explain enough to justify it. Even though challenging was ahead me, I believe wise can solve the things out.

Let’s have a deep thought. What would be my life without this? I would be a dull-man, perhaps.

Y2k11looking back

In year 2011

– A sociable person and a person to be learn by others when comes to experiences and presentable when needed.

– Trustfulness person to lead and manage the group, be a social group or close associate group.

– Achieve the balance of nature exploring, be a mountain, hill, waterfall and beach.

– Put a halt on MBA course due to new undertaking task on hand. Foresee myself as a e-business entrepreneur with great compassion for innovative touring around the world.

– Innovative touring was a fruitful method where I’ve seen the world more than ever.

– Getting myself a powerful smartphone, to become an e-business entrepreneur on the walk.

– Readiness to settle down for a necessity of our life. My instinct told me it’s the right time.

– Fall in love with number versus time as ventured into investment money-making instrument.

– Having a tough moment to bring down my credit line. Even though, it brings prosperous which turn to be a good thing.

– Optimistic with great life definition even though sources are limited.

– Invested a basic shelter where the basic requirement counts.

Major Achievementsyear 2011

— [January] —

  • New Year hike @ Gunung GAP and Ulu Semangkok
  • Visit Dino Alive @ Science Centre with MyKhaki
  • Hike Gunung Angsi (first time)
  • CNY Hiking @ Bukit Ketumbar (first time)

— [February] —

  • VIsit FGS 2011 on CNY
  • Explore Greenish Waterfall @ Puchong
  • Join Paintball Challenge 2011 by Ambank
  • New Tabur series – Tabur Extreme
  • Hike Bukit Kutu (revisit)

— [March] —

  • Hike Gunung Nuang (revisit)
  • First time white water rafting @ Kampar
  • Visit Kellie Castle
  • Hike Bukit Apeh via Cheras Hatamas (first time)

— [April] —

  • Explore Jeram Perlus Waterfall
  • Explore Lata Nyur Waterfall
  • Joined Ambank Treasure Hunt @ Pulai Spring Resort
  • Hike Tabur East (revisit)
  • Run Energizer Night Race 2011 (first time)
  • Oversea trip @ Mt Bromo, Indonesia with MyKhaki

— [May] —

  • Hike 3-in-1 mountain @ Cameron Highlands

— [June] —

  • Go-Live project in Ambank
  • Resigned from Ambank
  • Visit Endau-Rompin Selai @ Johor
  • 3rd Anniversary Trip @ Danga Bay with MyLove
  • A’Famosa Melaka Water Park (revisit)

— [July] —

  • Participate Feel-Good Fun Run 2011
  • Hike Bukit Apeh @ Cheras Awana (first time)
  • Organize durian trip @ Raub and yamchar @ Fraser Hill with MyKhaki

— [August] —

  • Oversea trip @ Bangkok with MyKhaki
  • Attempted Bukit Puchong (leisure & training)

— [September] —

  • Hike Gunung Datuk on Malaysia Day (revisit)
  • Hike Bukit Tabur West (leisure & training)
  • Participate on Siemens Run 2011
  • Pre-Honeymoon trip @ Krabi, Thailand with MyLove

— [October] —

  • Hike Bukit Saga + Bukit Apeh (leisure & training)
  • Hike Gunung Angsi (leisure & training)
  • Melaka Makan-Makan Trip 2011 (Lite version)

— [November] —

  • Hike Bukit Puchong (leisure & training)
  • Explore Pulau Intan Beach Trek @ Tanjung Tuan Port Dickson

— [December] —

  • BBQ at Sungai Nuang
  • Completed Annual Gathering 2011 (3rd edition) @ Bagan Lalang
  • Ipoh Ho-Jiak Trip 2011 during Christmas
  • Melaka New Year Countdown 2012

Together with my associates and alliances, let’s make year 2012 another greater year to achieve.

That’s all about me. How about yours?