Our excited series of gathering has concluded successfully at Bagan Lalang. Our 4th series of outing is expanded to include out of our friends’ circle, made entirely environment fun and enjoyable.

17-18 Dec 2011 | Annual Gathering 2011

We called it Annual Gathering series because we have got rid of old-fashioned and closed-minded name, DC a.k.a Delivery Channel. We’ve moved for a better life. Two friends of us have married this year. Bonding between us never show signed of weakened. We’re still kicking as strong as ever because we’ve recruited two new members joining us this year, Tasha & Kelly.

The decision of choosing Bagan Lalang as our destination was made with majority. It’s a new experience to held barbecue (BBQ) session on the beach side. Barely one month planning, we have chosen Camar Laut Resort as our accommodation.

I booked 3 unit of semi-d chalet with 2 rooms (4 pax) per unit. Only cost me RM360 (RM120 per unit). Kind of cheap compare to Hotel Seri Malaysia which is next to us. We have 15 pax to fit one unit during the Gift X’Change session. Three decided not to overnight.

Even though packed, but it was fun.

Our event is similar to X’Mas but eventually is more like gathering. Or you can say it’s coincidentally merely a birthday celebration to one of our friend, Aaron.

12.30pm … Starting point

Each of us was having their own way to Bagan Lalang beach. Out of surprise, most of them were first timer and even few getting lost in their way.

I’ve my own group for car-pooling from Cheras. We started around this hour but in the middle, we had a quick lunch at Chinese restaurant.

Let’s GO!Bagan Lalang @ Sepang

3.00pm … Check-in

Actual check-in time supposedly at 2pm, but I did it an hour late. No point getting so early when our actual BBQ session was only start at 6pm. Nevertheless, I just wanted to enjoy the resort with few running around with my camera.

Camar Laut Resort was previously known as Pusat Latihan Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia (LKIM) that offered us a very special and identical place for travelers a place to stay. With a very competitive price and affordable, I’m strongly recommended this resort for Bagan Lalang’s visitor.

You may check-it out the photo below:

Twin ChaletRM120 (weekend) per night for 4 pax

Clean and comfortable roomwith air-con

Small and simple living roomAstro channel and mini-fridge (inside)

Clean bathroom and toiletcomplete with water heater

3.30pm … More people reached

I get a corner lot side-by-side with a very minimal chance to disturb others at night. A totally strategic location of our unit due to noisiness that I expected from us during the late night. Hahaha.

The organizer of gift exchange was arranging the stack of gifts from us. Total 15 gifts to be give away. Big or small, long and short, colorful and single color all put on one stack.

The first batch arrived and subsequent follows.

Welcomeone of our rooms code-named Jenahak A

6.00pm … Packing up to the beach

ONE hour is needed to light up the stove. That’s why we’d chosen this hour to start our short journey to the beach. Well, the location was up to the end where our cars can go. Stopped and unloaded our stuff. Hooking up one permanent stove there and starts our stove building.

6.30pm … Green flocking the beach

You saw the picture. You knew it. Our theme color this year was GREEN. We were having this at nature place, so I’d chosen this color.

Sky was getting dark … our food was just a foot away from our stomach. The stove was lighted up by guys and food prepared by gals. As we have 15 peoples flocking around, busy with own task, we’ve everything get ready very fast. Amazing teamwork.

7.15pm … Food was ready

Not many varieties we’ve chosen to be our menu. But we have a very quantitative for our food. At the end, it not evens any wastage on it. Cheers and glad we did it compare to last year with excessive amount of foods being thrown away.

9.00pm … Start early, leave early

As we have second round to conclude, we packed once we’ve done. Our food stock/warehouse was wiped out totally, thanks to a big group like this. Even packing back to our car was done fair quickly. Wow!

9.30pm … Quick birthday celebration

Again surprises came every year made no different. He was waiting anticipatively. Unlike previous year, we have jelly cake this year.

9.45pm … Most awaiting

Our most exciting moment was Gift X’Change. It was like lucky draw for some of them where they wanted to book particular gift which was physically attractive and usable. Who knows? We’re using balloting for exchange. I’m thinking of using Secret Santa method next year after few suggested it.

Partial group picture from the gals guys were out!

10.20pm … Drama begins

Our drama king was acting again. None others than WMK. He whips himself down to floor, crying, begging and all sort of playful faces he could show. Our group was hell laughing non-stop at him and teased him. Salute!

After all drama ended, they continued with new game introduced, dice game ‘Tai Wah Sik’. The loser needs to drink. We have 2 cartons of beer and 2 bottle of red wine to penalize the loser. It’s seems guys lose this round. Not enough with the losing, they went out to buy Ramly burger to escape.

I myself had stayed until 3.30am before fall asleep for the next morning to come. Have a very good chat outside the balcony.

8.00am … Morning Sunday

In the early morning, I went out for a beach walk as usual. If you know my style, I wouldn’t want to waste such opportunity to walk and be part of nature.

Next to Bagan LalangSepang Gold Coast

As morning time passed, we checked out and proceed to our lunch at Tanjung Sepat. Well, the exact restaurant was called Restoran Batu Laut.

A quite cheap seafood restaurant to be recommended because I noticed few tourist buses have made a stop by here for lunch. Total cost was RM195 (RM15 per pax).

1.30pm … End of trip

The lunch concluded and we were heading our own way back to KL. Thank you all my members for making this trip so successful and smooth. We shall make it again next year.