A stumble and unplanned trip has taken us into another height. In literal sense, we have landed in an extravaganza city, full of captivating by its spell. That’s how our passage has sailed into Bangkok city.

A Passage to BANGKOK @ Thailand

A 5D4N trip has brought us together in the world of shopping spree. Planned roughly 3 months back (May 2011), the budget control was not effective enough. Estimation of total expenses (inclusive of airfare + accommodation) is close to RM 1,400 in which half of it spent on shopping itself.

A strong bonding among us was formed and enhanced. Our fun and laughter doesn’t end easily. Poking fun on each other was a norm. In fact, something that we would like to preserve as a true friendship and it was accomplished without much hurdle but complicated way.

There goes the story of our fascinating trip …

DAY 1 … 7.00pm – From KL Sentral

Started at young night from KL Sentral with SkyBus which took us one and quarter hour to reach LCCT. We used web check-in first time ever and it’s just as simple as it described.

Our flight time was 10.20pm and there were ample of time wandering around.

Night departureby Thai Airasia

Flight took 1 hour and 50 mins to reach Survanabhumi Airport @ Bangkok. Our time zone was one hour earlier than KL, means we have extra one hour to use.

Wide angle effectnew toy for the trip

11.00pm … Late dinner @ Survanabhumi

BTS Skytrain, a similar to LRT in Malaysia was closed its operation at this hour, so we decided to give up traveling to the city at late night. We have no where to go at this hour.

We stayed and overnight in airport instead. This was a new experience overnight in airport.

It was rather odd having dinner on the floor, but it was all fun together.

Dinner pack from 7-Elevencost 43 baht (~RM 4.40)

Not only us sat on floor eating, we have saw many had do so, some even sleep underneath the escalator.

However, we managed to find a row of seat for napping. Even though, we have all passer-by seeing us sleeping, but we don’t care.

It’s all fun when together. We weren’t alone anyway.

DAY 2 … 5.30am – Phaya Thai Express

We woke up and prepare for our first journey. Express rail cost us 90 baht (~RM 9.20) one way. It doesn’t stop in between and only stop at last station which is Phaya Thai took us only 15 minutes.

At this hour, we wanted to load our luggage at hotel lobby for convenient purpose.

Early morningtook the first operating train @ 6am

7.00am … Looking for breakfast

We started to walk from our hotel to a few streets along Sukhumvit Road, in and out looking for a decent breakfast.

At such hour, hardly any proper eatery shop open its business, rather have those stalls along the roads. But it never amazed us. End up starving.

Walk, walk, walkalong the road in busy weekday

8.00am … Busy street

We saw many local going to work at this hour. They all make up and dress beautifully and striking neat and professional. Especially those came out from train station elevator. Fuhyoo!

Finally we found a modest stall which we would like to settle down. It’s selling wantan noodle and char siew rice.

Breakfasttypical food stall outside 7-eleven

Char Siew ricecost 40 baht (~RM 4.10)

Petrol floating pricea lot expensive (~RM 3.77 per litre)

Stopped at Au Bon Pain for a drink while waiting for check-in.

Starbuck equivalent … cappuccino time!

10.00am … Check-in time

Check-in CNC Residence without much hassle and straight forward.

We booked 2-rooms apartment, spacious yet feel luxury. Most importantly is CLEAN! Highly recommended if your budget is around RM350++ per night.

Our accommodationthe entrance

Simple yet elegantlobby at CNC Residence

Apartment unitluxury and clean

Open kitchenfridge, washing machine & stove

Bedroom no.1clean and spacious

Bedroom no.2clean & modern

Bathroomclean & simple

12.00pm … Shopping spree day

After settled down and nap for an hour plus, we prepared for a tour. Shopping spree was once a long run topic among us other than food hunting and massage services.

Money!for everything we wanted

Are you ready? Not really.

In fact, we sound like dependent to one source as first-timer to this city.

Relying and looking for luck was kind of spirit killing. Another walking marathon goes on. Our innocence was at stake.

Boarding from Phrom Pong stationour nearest BTS

MBK Centertop fashion mall in Bangkok

2.00pm … Lunch @ BBQ Plaza

Lunch hour and our appetite went to BBQ Plaza. A gold plate cooking utensil with self-grilled food. We have 2 hours of shopping time after our lunch.

Familiar place?but located in Bangkok

Took the basic menu (4 pax)self-cooked

An overall lookMBK Center

5.30pm … Shopping spree continues

Two hours passed real fast. Having a bargain on price on clothes, bag, souvenir and undergarment was fun, promising you have enough CA$H on hand.

Walking over one after another mall, we crossed MBK (Mah Boon Krong) Centre, Siam Paragon and The Emporium. Not much happening, we walked and checked out some girls around. Appearance wise not bad, overshot our expectation for such quality and visual aspect.

The Emporiuma walk-over to the opposite

Outside all the mallsLinkin Park is BACK!

Siam Paragona similar to Pavilion in Malaysia

Inside Siam Paragonhigh class & luxury shop

Melt MEa sweet delicacies

Wish to hook on Madame Tussauds but entrance fees is 600 baht. Give up for now.

A good sample here.

Jackie Chan @ Madame TussaudsBangkok version

We wished to catch up with BTS Skytrain back to our hotel, but we miscalculated our timing, it was a peak hour of off-working. The station was jam and packed with people. Not willing to waste our time, we get back for a drink.

Finally walked back to hotel after taken from Siam station back to our Phrom Pong station.

Delicious hotdogon the way to BTS station

Our DAY 2 was ended in fashionable way.

DAY 3 … 8.00am – Adventures begin

Our breakfast voucher only catered for 3 pax, therefore, we take turn to enjoy the in-house restaurant breakfast located at 6th floor. Not bad.

The swimming pool is just next to it and I decided to give a try on Day 3. Other than this have gym room and sauna as well.

My breakfastsimple choices but good enough

Swimming pool … a peek to the pool at Level 6

10.00am … Town tour begins

Our next destination was The Grand Palace. By taxi as transportation which cost us only 110 baht, we were greeted by local tour guide there. Their intention for such friendly manners was aim at one purpose; to recommend you for an alternative tour when The Grand Palace was closed at 12pm for prayer.

Greeted by local guideto an alternative tour

Truly a tactic by local tout, they managed to bring us to the riverbank to kill our free hour. We hadn’t aware of this until we agree to their offer for a full tour (90 minutes) for freaking 900 baht. We regret for not bargaining for lower price or else we walked out from this. It can be as low as 500 – 600 baht if we know how to bargain!

Lead to the back lanefor boat tour

Group tour flooding the jettyalmost all are tourists

View from our boatsailing on rough river

Our boatmanriding us for an hour plus

Sailing through canalsought any difference with river in Malaysia?

Earlier with bread givenit’s feeding fish time!

Boat sailing from oppositeprofessional sailor

Met a floating boatget a coke drink for 30 baht

How the boat look liketraditional with modern engine

Our tour package has inclusive 30 minutes stop at Wat Arun (A temple of the dawn). Out of awareness, we charged 20 baht for tips when we drop by the jetty. WTH!

Furthermore, Wat Arun visit need to purchase entrance ticket, 50 baht per person. A hidden cost, I can say!

If you wear short pant or sleeveless shirt, you have to bear another cost of 20 baht for clothes rental. With so many hidden cost, it may appear disadvantage on us being taken disadvantage just because we’re tourist!

12.30pm … Lunch

Entry to The Grand Palace from main entrance. Ticket cost 400 baht per person. Whether it’s worth or not, we all came here for once at least. So, we decided to take it. Dressing code remain same for ALL. Queuing along the counter was disastrous due to long line. There were too many foreigner tourist who wore sleeveless and short pant, taken unaware of this rule.

The Grand Palaceview from far entrance

Entry pointbut not yet ticket counter

1.40pm … Hall of the Greatest

Without much hesitation, we entered The Grand Palace. Local Thai entered for FREE.

I realized the strong local culture in this place. A must visit if you’re in Bangkok, else your trip was never be worthy.

Various directionuseful for first timer

DSLR maniacmy group of Khakis

Wet landafter short heavy raining

After spent around 2 hours, rain started to fall. We trapped under the rain until it stopped. Our next stop was Chinatown. Tried to hire few cabs but they charged us 200 baht which was ridiculous due to peak hour on Friday.

We understood and we continued to pursue with other cab. Our luckiness to be able met a very generous cab charged us 60 baht only for 6 of us. WOW.

Condition wise, he will drop us at Gems Gallery, The World’s Biggest Jewelry Store. We have to spend at least 15-20 mins in order for him to get commission.

Chinatown was quite far, where taxi driver took a highway (45 baht paid by us) to drop us there.

Highway leading to Chinatown areatoll cost bear by us

We found surrounding a Chinese feel, songs, language, sign and etc. What a great place. Pork still remain widely available.

Selling pork delicaciesfrom wet to dry food

An hour walked later, we decided to stop by for Bird Nest drink. It’s not cheap but cheaper than our own country. A bowl of economy bird nest cost us 500 baht.

Specialty mixed with half-boiled egg and honey

Due to excessive walk marathon, we decided for a foot massage cost 200 baht for an hour. This shop was a bit overwhelmed by customers caused us wait for quite a while.

Foot massage 200 baht for 1 hour

7.30pm … My origin hometown

After a good rundown of our foot, we finally settled down with our wonderful dinner.

Popular stall for dinnera proper dinner finally

8.30pm … Spoils by the weather

A heavy rain pour on us. No choice but to travel out from Chinatown back to our hotel. That’s end of our day trip at Day 3.

DAY 4 … 9.00am – Heaven of shopping

Breakfast at hotel. Proceed to popular day market, Chatuchak  by taxi near our hotel. Cost us 110 baht.

This market have 3 main gate point. We dropped at Gate 3 and surrounding was crowded with majority tourist/foreigner like us. Absolutely a shopping heaven. Woohoo!

Fluck by tourist by majority2 hours was never enough

Found a special fried eggquail eggs

Cost 20 baht onlyfrom this stall

Shopping spree begin … spoil by choices!

Tomyam chickena short taste for 60 baht

ONE market heaven already killing us. We took BTS Skytrain to Phra Ram 9 from Kamphaeng Phet station for our lunch. Unfortunately the sky turned dark, we have to back to hotel to drop our stuffs before decided for next trip.

Last but not leastpork burger from McD

The last night has fallen to us before we ended our trip on next day.

8.00pm … Guy’s heaven

Dinner by walking distance at unknown place. In fact, we can say it’s in between Phrom Pong and Asok station.

We took BTS again to Si Lom station, a place where we wanted to go for a eyes opener. LOLz.

All sorts of interesting shows are available there. Girls were incredibly sexy and revealing. Various packages offered to us for a great show inside. We were offered many types of show, name a few, Tiger, Ping Pong, Pussy and etc.

We didn’t proceed further which was a big REGRET after that. Instead, we just had a simple drink nearby there before taking our sweet walk back to BTS, heading back to our hotel in great rain downpour. The rain had turned down our desire and everything.

Let’s drinkput aside all the great shows behind

We only had our supper at hotel bought from 7-eleven and nap early. That’s went our last night in Bangkok. A regretful night for not fully enjoy night life as expected.

Day 5 … 10.00am – Checking out from Bangkok

Check-out early to the airport. Everything seems rundown a bit with inner excitement on past few days still lingering in my mind.

From our hotel, we took cab to Makkasan station for transit to Survanabhumi Airport. A very convenient transport available in Bangkok. It’s not as complicated as I thought.

This marked an END to our Passage to Bangkok trip on free and easy basis. In fact, one can have multiple trip to Bangkok because it never feel enough for one trip alone. They’re still many places we have not covered.

Our leader, TKT said enough for this round because he had done so many times before. Hopefully with my current exposure, I’m would further to organize such trip again. It’s not hard but I need at least once trial (as follower) before to cover my latter plan as organizer. Hehe.

Thank you to my Khaki for making this trip successful and enjoyable. For any mishap or communication error, hopefully it can be forgo and improved in our next outing.