Mt. Bromo, the main destination of the trip has finally arrived. It was easily recognized as it’s constantly belches white sulphurous smoke from its crater.

Journey to Surabaya @ Mt.Bromo – A Mystifying Volcano

Bromo is surrounded by Laut Pasir (Sea of Sand) of fine volcanic sand. The effect can be seen is widely covered by sand, compared to lush green valleys.

In early year 2011, volcanic ash was thrown up by eruptive activity caused volcanic material falling around the crater. This has created a very special situation in Mt. Bromo after the eruption.

Our visit has limited to the allowed distance (around 3km) from the crater for safety purpose.

We were lucky to be able to visit this park again when it was re-opened in April 2011, else no this post at all. We have to switch from Mt. Bromo to Surabaya town trip then.

Day 03 … 4.15am – Morning wake-up

Yoschi Hotel was so very kind to have such morning call service on our door. Unless we didn’t take this tour, else everyone in this hotel will be calling upon for Penanjakan sunrise view.

We hooked on jeep outside our hotel after the breakfast (provided). The drive was about 20 minutes and the hike was 30 minutes. We need an hour allocated to make our way to peak for sunrise.

Packed breakfasta simple bread butter and jam

Coffee or teaquick sips on it

From the village of Cemoro Lawang, we all can easily hike up to Mount Penanjakan. It’s pre-dawn in the morning, it was so cold. A lot of peoples flocking around and it was a bit lost but we followed in a group.

5.30am … Mt. Penanjakan peak

We were offered horseback rides but we turned them down – walk if you possibly can, but in the dark (torch light is highly recommended!)

At topclimb on the edge for full view

Our photographer team work non-stopaiming at Mt. Bromo

Spectacular view from edge pointtowards the village (my favorite!)

Postcard view of Mt. Bromome and Lily

Sub-group (My Khakis)hardcore members

Our main groupa highly appreciate to form a group

Souvenirs booth for touristdrinks and light food

7.15am … Proceed to Mt. Bromo

We spent about an hour plus, then we hiked-down to our jeep for leaving. The view was awesome. We amazed because it was dark when we hiked-up, now we witnessed the god-view. LOLz.

Amazing viewabove the mist

At jeep level, we were approached by many sellers (T-shirt). Even though it’s not cheap but I managed to get 4 pieces for 100,000 IDR. There were even cheaper if you insist to buy, they’ll offered lower, 6 pieces for same price. OMG!

The jeep sent us to the sea sand of Mt. Bromo, our starting point towards the destination. Entrance fees is fixed at 25,000 IDR but, if you let the driver help you to buy the ticket, he will probably asked you pay 60,000 IDR per person.

It’s BETTER you buy yourself if you don’t want feel cheated after you know the real price for it. I knew this before hand, so I reject the ‘goodwill’ of our driver and made him kind of ‘mad’ at us.

WTF with this kind of service when you can’t earn our money? Show us the ‘black’ face some more.

Entrance feesonly Rp. 25,000

Drive downvast sandy area

It was look like a long distance of walking, that’s why we were crowded by a lot, I MEAN A LOT of donkey’s ride offered to us when we got down from our jeep. MADNESS attack!

It’s good to reject them nicely, BUT they’ll following you until the END point. Just to earn you kindness to let them give you a ride. It’s not cheap (50,000 IDR if not mistaken), but I rejected them totally.

I can walk and I like to stop in between for photo-shooting. So donkey’s ride is totally NOT for me. Sorry dude to disappoint you all.

Vast landold temple

Poten temple, the Tenggerese Hindu templeeasily found

The borderour end point (safety border)

Far sightingDansan stand high for the view

Art of destructioncovered with ashes

Finally the donkey’s ride the white horse prince

Walking back … flocking distance under the sun

Art of infinitythe walking steps

9.15am … Proceed to Savannah Land

Once we hopped on the jeep, we were brought to Savannah Land. This additional trip can be fit due to extra time we have here. We paid 50,000 IDR per pax.

Located behind Mt. Bromoa greenish view awaiting us

Vast land of Savannahgreen rise after darkness

Behind us leaving darkness area totally

Another jeep is comingon bumpy road

Jeep stoppedour foot journey

Savannah Land is a vast flat land surrounded by various bushes and mountains. You’ll find yourself like in the middle of nowhere while enjoying all of the greeneries.

Walking away on our own

Puncture tyreone of our jeep

10.30am … Trip ended

Our itinerary was officially ended with Savannah Land. We transferred to Yoschi Hotel for final preparation and check-out.

We’d our lunch (ala-carte) at the hotel again. The food is never disappointed us at all. We had not had any chance or time to go around Yoschi Hotel due to limited time. If I do, I’ll write even more about this hotel.

Unique aurafeel home in Yoschi Hotel

Mini gardenawesome for having a meal here

Airport transferwaving GOODBYE to Mt. Bromo

1.00pm … Check-out & transfer to airport

The trip ended with a good lunch @ Yoschi Hotel. Overall my first trip to East Java, Indonesia was a successful one.

I can’t expect luxury treatment, but Yoschi Hotel had given a good service that rarely any tour operator can give. Recommendation is here but there’s few nearer hotel to Mt. Bromo entrance which more convenience by walking distance.

In future, I hope to visit Mt. Rinjani, another interesting mountain nearby to explore.