Mount Ijen crater is so popular and the existence of Mount Ijen has been a blessing to the people living around the foot of the area.

Journey to Surabaya @ Mt.Ijen (Crater) – A Volcanic Tour

Our first day of arrival at Surabaya has been a blessing for all. The real challenge has awaited us on Day 2.

Mount Ijen (crater) is popular for its sulphur. People who work as the miner of the sulphur on the crater of the mountain transported down on their shoulder for further process in Surabaya.

The view around the foot of the mountain is really a breathtaking moment.

Let’s have a glance on Day 2 Itinerary.

Day 02 Ijen Crater – Madakaripura – Mt Bromo

  • Wake up in early morning (4.30am)
  • Drive us to Pal Tuding (5.00am)
  • Start the trail up to the active beautiful crater of Ijen volcano (2.5 hours walk)
  • Watch peoples carrying and mining of sulfur
  • Proceed to coffee plantation, waterfall, hot spring
  • Check-out from Arabica Hotel and drive to Yoschi Hotel (7 hours drive)
  • Overnight at Yoschi Hotel – twin sharing (8.00pm)
  • Briefing for next day activity (sunrise and Bromo tour)

Day 02 … 4.00am – Wake up in early morning

With great determination on our challenges ahead, we woke up tirelessly and here we go, Mt Ijen crater. We forgo our hectic schedule on Day 1.

Breakfast pack provided … bread, jam and boiled egg

Anxiously waiting for van pick-upat resort lounge

5.00am … Drive to Pal Tuding

With local 4-wheel jeep, we transferred to Pal Tuding as early as 5.00am to start our trekking before sunrise.

Sky turned bright at 5.30am. We started our trek on our own (without taking guide) to save some cost. We all were experienced hikers anyway.

Trekking point … 3km by foot

Low temperature … very cold in the morning

Welcome … starting point to the trail

Completed 1.6km … another half to go

Tiredness struckeven with a proper trek

Offering a great view … along the trek

Not going to miss it for myself … mountain in the background

 2.8km markclose to the heart

Basically, with 3km mark, we should have reached the peak. But to the crater itself, there was a long way to go. To get into our main check-point, we have to do a bit of rock trekking.

Amazing view can be seen from far. Human was just a piece of small dot from far.

Vegetation thinner to almost nonebut smell was getting strong

Beyond 3km marksulphur smell was strong!

Dansan … with extra mask

Walk downwardheading to the crater

Beyond the border … heading to the crater

Dansan was in doubt … the smell was causing uneasy to his eyes

Journey has to continuehalf-way done

Reach another levelrocky path

Sulphur carrierstops for rest

Blasting scene … huge rock (boulder)

Proud … covered by sulphur fog

Further down againnear the acidic lake

Sulphur stickfresh & hot

Hazardous scenestays away from here

Seeking for demogood exploration

Reddish turn into yellowishwaiting for collection

Well preparedcostly human mask

Cheap mask also can stand the smelldepends on individual

Acidic lakeit can burn your skin

Time to get backa final view before trek all the way up

Back to the starting pointtough time ahead

Thumbs up!a good journey to the crater

In the mid-way from our path, we met a place where local people selling some artworks from sulphur. We were attracted with the design and creativity.

Pondok Bundera place where transporter stop before continue

Artworkmade locally to earn extra income

Busy buying in bulkcost us RM 1.75 each

Our group at entrance … due to strong smell they skipped the crater side

12.00pm … Check-out from Arabica Hotel

We managed to have our lunch (ala-carte) by the time we reached Arabica Hotel. Our clothes were all smelly, thanks to the sulphur fog.

Ala-carteour lunch at Arabica lobby

Surrounding near Arabicano time to walk around

Packed our thingsprepared for check-out

Say goodbye to Arabica Homestayand our room (E8)

1.00pm … Drive to Yoschi Hotel

No choice to skip the bumpy ride, we had it again for 2 hours. We were looking forward for next 7 hours journey to Yoschi Hotel.

8.00pm … Check-in and have a good rest

Yoschi’s manager was kept in touch with us even though we were quite late check-in. His smile and friendly treats over all his customers was a big WIN to his continuous referral through various online and offline channel.

Move-in firstauto check-in due to late hour

Boutique lobby and restaurantforeigner’s hangout

No doubt, he helped carries our luggage when we reached the entrance of hotel. We thought their friendly staff, but never thought of a manager of hotel can do such job. We admitted his good service has spurred our recommendation to our friends back to Malaysia.

Rooms on my right sidespacious and privacy

Rooms on my left sideclean

Balinese feelour room for a short night

His name is Adi. He was a manager of Yoschi Hotel who down-to-earth when deal with us. He even asked our permission to sit down with us for his late dinner. Enough to win any of customer’s rating in this way.

Our big dinner tablereserved for us by Mr. Adi

Fried meetoo delicious and had numerous plates

My main coursefried rice (special)

Group picture with hotel managerhumble and honest

12.00am … Good night!

When night befallen, few of us went to take a good nap for tomorrow activities, conquer Mt. Bromo. I myself felt that I should walk around to enjoy the surrounding of this hotel, but not at night, how I wished. Haiz … all was due to delaydelay and delay.

Good night everybody.

To be continue … Journey to Surabaya @ Mt.Bromo (Day 3)