Not too long ago since I’ve completed this mountain, I’ve geared up to attempt it again on same route as my training ground. It’s definitely not as easiest mountain to trek via Bukit Putus.

22 Oct 2011 | Gunung Angsi – A Training Ground

The reason I said so because I took 5.5 hours in 12.6km to complete the whole journey. A recent overgrown and few landslides along the way really made me think thrice if I ever go again in future.

Alternatively, there are another two routes which comes from Ulu Bendol Recreational Park (which entrance fees of RM5 applied) and via Panjang R&R.

My visit to Gunung Angsi this round was took longer than usual, due to overgrown ferny plant which slowing down my movement. But I was made aware there was a group came here 2 weeks before me via ferny trail. That’s why I was confident this route still available.

Unlike to many mountains which draw a lot of people, this mountain at this season still consider low turnout. I’ve met only three groups on that day. Those were casual hikers.

For this trip, I’ve set 6.30am as starting time and point of meet up was at Sg.Besi toll via KL-Seremban highway.

Early preparation was simple, just packed with minimum snack and food with 3 liters of water (for light training). It’s very depends on individual for serious preparation like insect repellent, tracking pole, hand gloves, energy bar and etc.

Quiet roadleading to Bukit Putus entrance

We started at 7.30am sharp. Expectation was there. We wanted to complete this mountain to mark our training fruitful.

Only 3 km distance towards Ulu Bendol Recreational Park

There was a short walking distance from car park to Bukit Putus entry. The entry point was a bit unrecognizable if you’ve not been there before. Many considered this as shortcut.

Look for the yellow sign mentioning Bukit Putus Base Camp 2.

Well hidden signspotted on right side of the road

Along the way, I sought a very long trail as ever. This was like no end for freaking 3 hours. Yes, I took longer than ever this round because of overgrown ferny plant. It was so irritating and I’ve no parang to chop it off. Even I’ve, it may took me another hour to go through.

To make it worse, almost look END POINT for me. The trail was faced a very serious landslide and fallen trees. Soon or later, the entire trail will disappear for REAL.

Everyone have to find some other way to cross this.

Challenging trailtrail had gone from sight

Struggling with endless ferny trail and annoying fallen trees, I’ve finally came into junction where Ulu Bendol trek was found. A big sigh, we were finally at right track and real hiking started.

Going up non-stopthe real hiking just begun

Met the Lazy Log #1as checkpoint for trekkers

Convincing sign60 minutes more

Lazy Log #2 … another checkpoint for trekkers

Another 27 minutes to goat this rope trail checkpoint

Huh?why so many checkpoint?

One after another check-point but never saw any positive sign of reaching the peak. I was so eagerly to complete this as I’ve bear extra hour to climb this mountain.

My passion has gone impatient. Finally, the sign of reaching the peak has come into my sight.

Group picturestrong contender of Mount Angsi

View from peaklimited with blocking trees

We spent an hour at Angsi’s peak for light lunch and chit-chat. With a long journey from excessive grown of ferny trail, I’ve reached for second time and this time, I’m in training mood!

In fact, for first timer, there’s supposed to be much joy to see such beautiful view stand at 825m height.

For descending, we’ve cross the other path via Panjang R&R. The reason why we took this because it was faster to descend.

Easy trek downtook an hour half to reach the base

Found a sign to waterfallmy next reason to come back

What makes Gunung Angsi different from others mountain? In one stop, we met a closed stall that supposed to open only on Sunday. A very generous uncle who provides trekkers a pit stop for rest and desert to heal our blood sugar level.

New notice boardnot a GOOD SIGN anyway

The moment we touch base, it was another big relief for us. Don’t know why some people calling this as easiest mountain to trek, maybe via Panjang R&R, that’s true! Easy up and easy down.

Surprisingly a new board erected at this Bukit Putus exit. Soon or later, this entrance will be imposing with fees. That’s BAD news!

Hiking nowadays is quite limited. Many popular places start charging fees, with a valid reason of insurance coverage, conservation and etc to upkeep the place for convenience for all. It was partially true if some facilities are well maintain but shouldn’t this provided by local authorities FREE of charge?

The training ended at car park and marks its completion. We decided to drop by the recreational park for their toilet/bathroom facilities. Later, we had our late lunch at Seremban town before going back to KL.