We have successfully concluded our YAMCHAR session @ high altitude, shooting out from our usual location around KL & PJ.

14 May 2011 | Coffee Bean @ Genting Highland

My Khaki has successfully organized a session for its member. A golden meeting met its target. A fruitful outcome has been achieved. This was an awesome plan. Isn’t it, wahai my Khaki’s member?

Yamchar is not an unfamiliar term for us. It has been concluded in many places but Chui Shui’s station is still our main place twice a month, average count yea.

People always saying, if want to yamchar, we go up to Genting Highlands for a sip of coffee, interested? Normal people will say crazy, the cost for going up ain’t matching a cup of coffee of RM15!

We ain’t cool … we definitely the coolest to make up to this place in a strike of lightning. Pardon me, we’re just love to act selamba sajelah. No comment or dragging at all.

Main actorsself-portrait for TKT, DS and WMK

Secondary actor/actressDO, CM and WMK (should put my picture)

Coffee Bean outletenjoy the iciness sensation

A guestan uninvited one

Busy berbicara …. some sort of meeting perhaps?

I love my group … hell yea.

After few hours messing around with entertainment outlet with cash chips and token (for children), it was ticked at 1am. Business closed shop, not adult one, but children one.

We ain’t go anywhere but to move back to our reality.

Supper at middle of hill until 3am. An interesting outcome for greater plan. Plan to make it great. And it’s doesn’t come easily without serious thought and plan.

Anyway, let’s have another round of minum-minum trip next time we gather again soon.