Not every waterfall is pleasurable to visit. Some are hectic challenging before you can call it heavenly gift. For Lata Nyur, one has to hike tirelessly in trodden and soft soil.

17 Apr 2011 | Lata Nyur (Berembun & Bomoh Ali)

Accessible via Hutan Lipur Gunung Nuang entrance (dubbed as Never Ending Road), only 100m from the entrance, you’ll be able find a yellow sign board on your right.

The board is showing the checkpoints for each before reaching destination. It was an equal challenging trek, one can easily lost track when it’s not proper guided. Advise to stick close with group leader, especially after river crossing, it have many confusing path.

Scenery wise is superb. Photography made easy.

I have long time never challenge such trek, name a few attributes, slippery, steep, trodden, narrow and rocky. It made the trek very risky. Every step have to move cautiously.

Experiences were priceless; you have to go through the trek yourself. But right here, I’ll be getting my readers some photos to speak it.

Greeted by a sign near the entrance huthike Gunung Nuang

Not too farsaw this yellow sign (waterfall trek)

Move into deep jungleproper trek of course

Offer some amazing viewrare creation from light

Exhaustive trekall the way up non-stop

River with dam facilitiescollecting fresh water

River crossinggreat landscaping

Overcome obstacles in virgin jungleharder

Lata Bomoh Alideep enough for diving

Cursing warnany special purpose?

Lata Berembunhidden inside

Walkway against currentnot easy

Not lucky enough will fall downswipe by current

Jacuzzi effectI would like to stay longer at this point

Getting back using the same road was a killing one because of hesitance to venture through all the toughness again.

Just got to know that we have choice to exit via Kem Lolo. But we have to walk all the way via Never Ending Road for an hour plus. Give me a break from Nuang trail please.

I’ve had enough for waterfall trek until further later. I promised to give myself a long break from waterfall trek until I’m ready again, hopefully by end of year.