NEEDLESS to say about the outrageously event I ever had and the impact of the organizer for this night race, I personally think it has given me a very good start of what I called NIGHT RUN!

16 Apr 2011 | Energizer Night Race 2011

Without thinking much, I’ve desired to join my first ever night run in Sepang. By having a bit of expectation, I hope to step my foot for first time in famous F1 race circuit in my country since 10 years ago. The registration was straight forward, merely RM50, I can get a running shirt with bibs. The headlamp will be given on the race day itself.

The entire event was a messy though.

However, this was fixed between runners and the organizer in few weeks later by refund the participation fees and distributed all the goodies to ALL registered participant via courier. WHAT A BIG LOSS compensated for this failure event. A very THUMBS up to the organizer for seeking such solution to make customers happy in the first place.

I was kind of excited before this run started. I reached an hour before the registration. It was packed with so many cars and they charged us RM10 for parking. How ridiculous!

Plenty carpark aroundcost you RM10 per entry

So needless to say much, here are the photos taken during the race. The rest are the history.

Proceed to collect headlightsmessy with everyone take their own

Met Yit Ming & Mei ChingAnd Dansan’s first race run

Full & Half marathon shoots off firston flat track

Getting ready for 10km runner turna huge turnout

Flashing light everywherepromoting energizer long run battery

Queue up but premise closed downwith police intervention

The situation was very unusual for any marathon run I attended before. Even it was crowded and people were still follow the queue and wait for their turn. It was turn out to be so called out of control with goodies bag flying out for runner’s reach. Can you accept this?

Authorities and police were came to intervene and order to close the gate for some control. The crowd was unanimously waiting outside but not given any updates or what-so-ever until an announcement saying organizer will stop distributing the goodies bag.

Peoples out of modesty felled into the organizer pray and very frustrated with the decision. A group of protestor asked for refund and thus creates a stir among runners who had just finished their run. Many were too exhausted to know this bad news and went back in empty hand.

Knowing this, organizer decided to refund the full amount and goodies bag to participant and keep all of them updated on progress via email.

Overall not a bad compensation we were getting and hopefully they’ll not repeat this mistake in future. Anyway, I’m still very keen in running at night, be Sepang or Putrajaya. Hope to join more in future.