AN interesting escape to the jungle not for HIKING but for RAFTING. It’s an activity using a raft to navigate a river in different form of water speed. Can you imagine being soaked wet with river water?

12 Mar 2011 | White Water Rafting @ Kampar

Kampar Water Rafting actually formed through the three rivers, Geruntum River, Geroh River and Pacat River, Perak. Even though it’s rated from I to III level, the degree of difficulty usually varies and fit very much for beginner.

With more than 20 pax in our group, the charge is RM130 per pax. Package included guide, lunch, equipment, entrance fee, insurance and certificate.

The group event has set at 9am for everyone to reach Gua Tempurung entrance for departure in a small truck carrying all of us. The truck was waiting us at the car park there.

Get up to the small lorrycarrying all of us at once

Go through bumpy roadin 30 minutes ride

Upon reaching their office, we were given a liability form to sign before can proceed further. The river guide was briefing us on paddling commands, safety measures and the do’s and don’t of white water rafting.

RIVERBUG officecheck point for briefing

Riverbug is a whitewater river rafting specialist operating in Sabah and Perak.

The White Water Rafting Specialistmany other activities available

Safety equipmentsready to be pick up

Briefing on how to usemajority are first timer

Busy picking up the sizecan choose the color some more

Armed with a life jacket, helmet and paddle, we were all set to face the raging river.

We ride in an inflatable boat which looks very durable. It can fit about 6 peoples in one raft and team work is required to make raft move in direction.

Colorful setupgets ready

Briefing on the emergency situationfull attention from all rafters

Dansan & CMfeel exciting of activity ahead

Carry our boat ourselvestired but fun

Get on the boatready to MOVE ON

Team membersCM, LL, me, Sky, DS, & MC

Moving slowsometimes stop and give away for others

Cascading down the rapids is funthe water getting rough and scary

A skillful and friendly whitewater river rafting guide was calming us down with his jokes. He also helped us to avoid rocks, kept us on the right path, cracked jokes and made sure we had a great time from the back of the raft. The river guide asked us to shout the word “Boom! Boom!” to indicate that everyone has to sit in the center of the raft to avoid falling into the river.

Besides the guide, a safety kayaker cum photographer will follow rafters throughout the journey to ensure their safety and capture images of their ride.

Spotted a single rafterthe organizer photographer

Even though it’s roughwe like to laugh at people when they get stuck!

But somehow our guide was trying to twists, turns and drops to prevent bad things like above happened. The probability of being thrown out is there, depending on the water confidence activity.

Therefore, we were taught of body rafting along a short stretch. He steered us into the current and then let us go.

Rest period via body rafting

Mei Ching was anxiously waiting for her turn

Rest place at river side but can we actually rest? We CAN’T!

Enjoy among ourselvestrying all sorts of water splashing

No peace for group picture at allpeople just attack from behind

Torturing timethrow off Mei Ching to the center

Woahhhthe guide joined us as well

Fun doesn’t stop hereshe requested for second & third round

Chee May & Danny

Activities ended with group body raftinglooks so funny

The water rafting journey ended where we had our lunch before transported back to the car park.

Lunch buffetquite satisfying

Thanks to MyTravelKaki who had given the right time and right price for me to participate with my Khakis group.

I may look forward for next rafting activity probably at Kubu Baru.