HAVING a chance to hike Tabur Extreme is consider a very challenging move. It was organized by the famous hiker cum recce master, Alvin Chang specifically for us to explore the serenity of the Tabur series mountains and at the same time testing our hiking passion.

13 Feb 2011 | Tabur Extreme

A final series of Tabur which classified as extreme version. A correspondent to rock hiking, people often associate this as tough and dangerous. If you often hike and get used to it, probably, it’s just another hiking under the hot sun.

No doubt, Tabur is offering a good place for photography and my passion on photography can be say started from here few years ago.

This would marking my end to continue exploring Tabur in future, exception on leisure basis.

Based on its name, one would expect a tough ahead but frankly say, you have to be ready for this series. It has the reason to be called Xtreme!

It was totally a different entry point from West & East which usually from Taman Melawati. This actually located down the road from National Zoo Parking B, passing further beyond ATV Adventure park.

Entry pointstraight up without waste anytime to reach peak

Group of hardcore hikersit was a training ground for them

Shoes tearsunexpectedly causing him to give up

Steep and low gearan interesting point for hardcore hikers

If weather is good, the Dam view can be damn nice. It’s like having another angle of Klang Gate Dam that we usually seen from West or East route.

Stunning viewat average height with unblocking view

Rope assistance availablestruggling is never been easy

Rock hikingall the route to the peak

Extreme challengeonly at Tabur Extreme

Helping each other to cross just hold it and that’s it!

Mossy forestthin vegetation

Found a snake skinthat’ s mean they’re around us now?

Peak oh peakStand high to witness the GREAT view

Even higher peakthe great point of reaching here

Group picturepart of us taking a memory here

Descending poses another challengerocky path

Forest hillinteresting for photographer

Exploration doesn’t end it here, even though I’ve completed the series for now. I may possible to get back for leisure and photography.

I’ve met a lot of experience hikers here and it help me in joining them for more challenging place.

An opportunity that I do not regret to take. It has changing the way I look upon hiking. Possibility of making my step into hiking + camping is there. Let’s wait for that turning point. Yeah!