After 3 years from my first paintball event by AmBank, I get persuaded to join this event again although I’m not really keen into it especially getting shot by people. Anyway for your information, it’s an annual event by the Sport Club for a fee as low as RM30 only.

19 Feb 2011 | Super Se7en Paintball Challenge

Shooting game is famous among those who like enemy killing feel. This subsidized event by the club itself had attracted much experience and non-experience players. Winners are always those who wear their own uniform and have killing team name.

Sound funny but true. We unable to avoid those killing team as it was chosen via balloting. Well, a game is just a game, my team entered the game with just for fun mindset. We strive for our own best. Let’s work as a team and yeah! Killing … GO GO GO!

This annual event was held in PJ this round. A better place I guess with organizer able to cope with a huge crowd. Breakfast & lunch are provided as well.

I reached early at 8am.Park my car for FREE. I’m having a light breakfast, while waiting my team members to reach.

We proceed to register ourselves and acknowledge our exact schedule.

Registrationgets some documents ready

Opening ceremony placeCamel landed and with us

Equipment for the gamevest, marker and etc

Shade under the sunapplicable during afternoon. LOL

Hide behind the bonkersfor safety reason or strategy planning

Good weatherlet’s start shooting

Few teams started in a row. Divided into 3 killing field, each of the team is given 10 minutes time to complete the game with the flag and return. Normally, I couldn’t spot which side by side, due to same color shirt and appearance, unless you know your team members body gesture.

ReadyONE, TWO … Bang!

Bing-Bing-Bang-Bangkilling spree started

Team of sevenwhat do you think? FOR FUN of course

I’ve a very mixed feeling that I shall enjoy this game, but in fact, it’s not. I’m quite burdening which some resistance into this event anymore. I don’t find it exciting due to potentially get shot is very high. Haha.

Till next year, but unlikely. Who knows I’m going for another round again even I’m say so.