Saga Hill & Apeh Hill both are interesting place for hiking. The diversity of its road to the peak and waterfalls made entire journey tempting for exploration. Indeed it has much to offer from not only once but many.

20 Mar 2011 | Saga & Apeh Hill via Bukit Hatamas

Even though Saga Hill & Apeh Hill are well connected from the trail, but both starting point are about 13km distance from each other. This round, I’d myself try this new route together with other group.

There’s another route I left, Cheras Awana which not far away from Bukit Hatamas but I would like to try next round. Entrance to the trail was not well-guided and needed an experience hiker to direct the way or else end up somewhere in the jungle.

The place is accessible by car where we parked our car at some under construction road and walk along the open space under the hot sun when we came back from the journey.

I’m not sure how many has attempted but I’ve thought this route was a bit new to the hikers. This definitely will be change once the development started. We have to find somewhere else for entrance.

Parking on road sidenewly build road

Starting pointwalk in open space

Walking distance from starting pointstill visible at this point

Readily pathready to enter jungle

Station 5 signeasy trek and steady

GOLD stop stationthe name tells

Station 5a stop station for many sub-trails (to waterfall)

Apeh Waterfallthe most common waterfall when you trek Apeh Hill

Changing facilities availablebut remember to follow the rule, ok

Further down the slopeanother waterfall landscape

It was a hot and dry weather when we descend back to our car park due to open space crossing. Saga Hill via Bukit Hatamas indeed another opening opportunity for Saga Hill lover to try another route. As I stay near Taman Saga, this entrance is much more convenient for me.

I decided to try another round for this hill as I believe it’s a lot for me to explore slowly. I’ve so many train that I’ve yet to try, Trail B, C & D.

See you soon, Saga Hill!