A recursive challenge requires an applied timing for each check point, mainly at Lolo, Pacat & Pengasih to the way to top. As result, an equal successful should be guaranteed.

5 Mar 2011 | Gunung Nuang – A Recursive Challenge

A group of 17 of us would want to try for a baffling challenge of highest mountain in Selangor. Started as early as 6.15am and completed at 8.15pm for the last person, all completed within 12-14 hours time.

A total of 14 ppl made to the top and made their way down in the heavy rain, doubling the effort of toughness required. This is total nightmare with flooding and slipping all the way down.

I’m leading this time after a success attempt last year. I hope to share the passion for this mountain hiking, dubbed as toughest among few mountain, making equivalent to best Mount KK’s training base.

To give a good start and good time management, we all gathered at Nuang’s entrance at 5.30am. But due to large group, we all manage to start at 6.15am sharp.

A few in my group was first timer, but they’re aware of the difficulty. We walked in the dark at such hour. We counted and made time estimation based on each Hut we passed by.

Consider a good experience as we all equipped with torchlight and totally unaware of such Never Ending Road effect. Sky was getting bright at 7am. By the time we saw the last Hut, we know the end of this long road.

Last hutend of Never Ending Road

A group picturebefore the challenge begun

Closed up picturewith myself inside

Remarkable start … first river crossing

Upon crossingKem Lolo sign is leading us

Dam checkpointcrossing river again

Great river landscapewallpaper, puzzle .. anyone?

Crossing all the wayfew rivers ahead

Volunteer helping handsfrom two gentlemen

Well prepared Magesin second time attempt

Last riverreached camp site at opposite

Spotted a sign of Kem Pacatin correct direction

Convenient signensure correct path for trekkers

Kem Pacat checkpointgood place for camping but no water source

From Kem Pacat to Kem Pengasihcontinue with tougher trek

Kem Pengasihgives a short rest

High altitudemossy & muddy surrounding

Brothers conquered peak togetherDansan, me & Danny

Spent an hour at peaktime to descend to base

We expect descending much easier, but that day, the weather turns out so bad. It was raining heavily and the trek has become so slippery. It’s doubling our effort.

For each step I took, I fell down. It was so tough and through this kind of obstacles, one can become stronger in next hike. Don’t give up, yeah!

At 6.00pm, I reached Camp Lolo.  When I reached car park, the sky has turned dark. The challenge ended with so much satisfaction.

Till now Gunung Nuang, I shall be back with another route (Janda Baik) soon. Cheers.