WATERFALL hiking was never left me alone. When opportunity comes, I secure and enjoy a rare and wonderful waterfall , dubbed as greenish waterfall. This amazing nature spot was not open to public, therefore a necessary permit to access must be granted.

15 Feb 2011 | Greenish Waterfall

Unknown by its name, this waterfall is located Ayer Itam Forest Reserve. The exact location remain unknown as it’s fall under private land maintained by UPM Forestry Department.

From entrance to the destination, we took about 30-40 minutes of walking through under construction road access to few forestry property.

Nothing fancy all the way with proper trek plus some visible signboard showing us the location. The leader lead us to the location where the greenish pool located. What an amazing spot for such wonderful waterfall.

Not much info on hands for this place, therefore, let’s the pictures speak itself.

Walking alongunder construction road

Destination the greenish pool

Can’t wait to jump insuch alluring cooling effect pool

Much deeper sidecan used for water dipping

Greenish poolwith fishes swim around

Nearby riverclean and amazing clear

Babes trying to catch the prawnwith their bare hands

Oh yayou catch it finally!

Grass-scapecute like mini bonsai

Subsequent waterfall before I call off our day trip

Mother nature is superb. If each of us understand and preserve it, I believe it can be maintained for many more generation in future. Let’s we preserve for our future generation.

The course took up to million years to form such lucrative flora & fauna and ecosystem. Let’s the ecosystem run itself without us disturbing them.

I love nature and I believe you do so.