AMONG all outing that I’ve been to, this one was a bit different. It’s inside the venue. Alright, the recent exhibition held in National Science Centre has brought back many people old memories. Being a science stream student, this centre was my favorite place in the past.

9 Jan 2011 | Dinos Alive 2010 @ National Science Centre

How can this place attracts if not because of DINOSAURS ?

Yes, the prehistoric World of Dinosaurs is right here in KL. Experience and get close with personal single life-size dinosaurs including a well known 16-feet TYRANNOSAURUS and a 23-feet BRONTOSAURUS.

To dinosaur lovers, you won’t regret after get into Dinos Alive Hall of Fame in National Science Centre.

Started our trip early in the morning, wish to be the first batch of visitors here, I felt myself back to the past. It has changed a lot since then. Decoration, color and landscape are all different compare to 10 years ago.

The first part was rather like experimental devices and theory of sound, air and light.

It’s better to engage someone to learn better.

Welcoming entrancein a quiet morning

Entrance FeesRM10 for adult

Fish therapylet it bite you

Tornado in the makingsuck everything into the hole

Color templatewhat a nice color scheme

23-feet BRONTOSAURUSreal size

Walking path …  round and round

16-feet TYRANNOSAURUSmaking so much noise

Provoking the TYRANfor making so much noise!

Warming up with 2 gigantic dinosaur is completed. We proceeded into the HALL, where the skeleton and smaller size exhibited.

The light is dim inside the hall. With a good stabilization and high light sensitivity, I manage to capture each of them in good form.

Enjoy all the pictures below … which one sight your interest the most?

How it was founda good one

Bald dinosaurhow can resist not touching his head? LOL

Eggs hatching with our little HiPPo in sight

Scary? Oh no baby!it won’t bite you

Our KingThe best Carnivore

Get bite or both kissing?only he knows

Anyone want to touch you?A thorny creature

Provoke a ghost dinosaur is not a good ideashe did it in the dream, perhaps

Final hallcan choose your favorite pets

Jail petany idea? Jurassic Park?

In and out from the boxto scare you out of the hell

Meat-eaterdead body lying in pool of blood

Hide and seekjust say hi when meet him

Dare to fightwith your lethal weapon? LMAO

A piece of small meat for himsmall sacrifies

Among all, I prefer the last one above. Huge, fierce, scary and champion. He wins almost all categories and still rocking no matter how. Look like giant lizard in modern world.

We walked into another exhibition hall housed all the science industry equipment, theory experiments and 3D room.

Chemical substancedo you still remember?

Earth or Sun? not a difficult topic

Rolling ballkinetic energy test or simply a cycle of rolling ball machine?

Overall my visit was quite fruitful with a group of Khakis joining me to this exhibition. Everyone does have a memory back then, hence we all come here.

Although the Dinos Alive is no longer now (as until May only), the interesting and resourceful place is still many choice of science lover. I probably re-visit the place in future, probably after 8-10 years later.

My next stop will be the Planetarium and Petrosains.

Science ROCKS!