Bukit Tabur is divided to many series nowadays. West, East, Extreme & Far East are those identified by many hardcore hikers as how they labeled it. Back to square one, I’m still fancying over Tabur series once a while for its divisiveness striking view.

9 Apr 2011 | Bukit Tabur – Look To The East

Alternatively, Tabur East is offering a sunrise view, a view that many hikers/campers wanted to see when they wake up in the morning. With equipped a good DSLR camera, you can easily taken a striking sun light flaring your lens nicely. Believe it, any point and shoot camera can produce this angle, but of course with some editing works, the stunning light can align in nice tone.

Back from photo topic, let’s talk about hiking experience from Tabur East. This route is accessible from Taman Melawati, located at few turning within the residential area.

The exact location can be referring to this co-ordination (GPS): +3° 13′ 55.23″, +101° 45′ 0.45″ if you interested.

I’m leading a group for very first time even though I’ve been here for once. The place wasn’t too difficult to lead, most of the trails are well directed. Time taken for this hike shouldn’t more than 1.5 hours for the peak. In less than 2 hours, you should reach the peak and enjoying your breakfast meal.

Misty morningKlang Gate Dam

The ideal time to start hiking is when the sky still dark. By 7.00am, we reached at the first view and the cooling air (misty) was surrounded us.

Fantastic view of man-made lakefirst rest station

Reverse sidehuge development going on

No doubt development around Taman Melawati is going on for the sake of continuous demand of property booming. We met a resident at the peak wearing a shirt with ‘Saving Melawati’ slogan. I believe many residents nearby are objecting massive project in their area.

Sun has raised before usstill not a bad view

Reflection surfacefrom beautiful sky

Facebook status updateI’m standing @ Tabur East now

I see the PEAKjust few steps to go!

Trail between the rocksclimbing the rocks

In between the rockswe found a fantasy world

Woah, explainable feelingarghh

Down the cliffthinking of having a bridge connected to opposite

Leisure hikeone of them wanted to complete the last series here

None of us complaining about the trail & path. We all here because of one reason, for a sunrise & view. Even though it’s a challenging, none of us struggling to get the right step in the first place. We overcome our fear of height, fear of rocks, risks and stamina.

Descending back on the same route might be difficult and cautious, therefore taking some precious time. Less people aware of this series make the environment preserve better.

Back to the ENTRANCE point turn right and up

I couldn’t resist hiking again if there’s a chance to organize again. For those West trekker, if you love Tabur Hill, why not trying ‘Look To The East‘ in your next hike?