WITH a better preparation this round, I’ve attempted on Bukit Kutu again. Approximate 3 hours taken for this challenge. I participated in a huge group and together we all followed each other to make sure everyone make it to the top. I wouldn’t want to fail this time.

20 Feb 2011 | Bukit Kutu Revisited

The toughness of Bukit Kutu is still hold me back. With a height of mountain but called as hill, this hike provided me a great determination to complete it. With such motivation, I made it to the top, this round up to the real peak, that’s the big boulder (can’t hold more than 5 pax at one time).

Subsequently there is an abandon and ancient mansion behind this peak. Although nothing fancy, but without this visit, I don’t call this as completeness in my list.

Early in the morning, we all gathered at one particular place for breakfast near Kubu Bahru. After taken a light breakfast, we all departed to the entrance of Kutu Hill (via Kampung Pertak). Everyone get ready for the hike after crossing this first bridge and gathered at second bridge.

Four wheel vehicle can passed by this bridge by crossing via trodden track.

First bridgemark the entrance

Around 30 hikersmajority are amateur hikers

Crossing second bridgecollapsed bridge

Long hour trekstill finding our way

Group picturecheckpoint called C5

When I saw C5, I know I have completed at least half of it. A double check on my condition towards some inner pain or stamina was good. All people seem feeling relieved at this checkpoint. Being told, another hour to go has nearly surprising them.

First timerstruggle to the top and further up

Proud of C5 checkpointMag & me

Long way to gomust strive the passion

Although we were not the first batch to reach here, as I’ve seen some burning spot there. Means there is a group before us, camping for night, has just left the base.

Chimney stand still even the rest has gone

Photography with remaining chimneyPrema

A further up to real peak, mark by a huge boulder which only can accommodate 5 ppl at maximum. A great 360 degree of view can be seen from the top. Believe me, this top view is not for those fear of height. No support or whatever for you to stand there. It’s all about your leg stability and strong mind to overcome fear of height.

Short distance to walk up through this imaginary staircase

A small place for rest while waiting we were taking turn to go up

They’d conquered this peakcongrats to them

One way up and downcan’t wait for the real peak

Amazing viewnot for those weak-hearted

At the other end, there was a hidden mansion. The surrounding is covered by plants and trees, making our way quite difficult. We only circled outside the mansion and took our pictures.

Found it finallyold abandoned mansion

Huge plantcan’t believe it can grew in such size

Since peak can’t put all of us group picture @ mansion

I’ve enjoyed very much this round without any bad signed that stop me from continue on. Bukit Kutu, no doubt is a tough place to hike with one or two confusing trek. One has to prepare with mind and soul before attempting this hike.

With the burning fire in my body for hiking, I shall continue to hike as much as possible mountain before I call it off (cooling period). Next year plan might slightly different, uncertainty has consumed me from physical activity.

That’s my career commitment.