ONE of my trekking buddies pursued me into hiking + waterfall which was never my interest in the first place. Gradually, my loves to the nature extended to waterfall as well.

2 Apr 2011 | Jeram Perlus Waterfall

Jeram Perlus is one of my latest comebacks to waterfall trekking since Chiling Waterfall. I opted for this because the location is strategic to my convenience and within Selangor.

Hulu Langat, a realm of vast jungle and falls for nature lover. How can I resist that?

Some more, trekking is required for about 2-3 hours depends on individual speed. I was hesitant if purely on waterfall with any challenging trail, but this one was different.

Jeram Perlus is hidden near the famous Sg Gabai divided route. The left junction during the trunk road was actually leading to the Orang Asli settlement and where the end meets.

Experienced nature explorersimple briefing

The place wasn’t known by many people. Starting point of the trail is starting from the car park. Amazingly, car park fees applied by the villager. I guess RM2 per pax or per car, I’m not sure.

To start with the trek, our organizer, Harry was leading us to the fall and we should expecting 2-3 hours on normal speed. Along the trail, we walked in relax mode. The trail is clear and steep is moderate.

With my trained energy, the entire trek was not giving me any problem, except that bunch of leeches trying to suck my blood.

Cross the private orchardwith clear trail

Divided trailwalk towards the tire printed trail

As the trail is moderate, most of the time, it was like crossing a lane of jungle trail, house of bamboos and fallen trees. It took quite a long time to hear the water flowing sound.

Always get hit on fallen bamboostoo low

Found an unknown mushroom familywhite fungus

Saw the waterfallhard effort rewarded

Even though I was giving a full attention to my legs and shoes, the leeches never failed to attack me in within my socks and making almost 10 bites after I took out my shoes. A bloody foots I have as a result.

After 2.5 hours of trekking, we finally touch base the waterfall. In fact, not only the fall look beautiful, but the stream of rivers and its landscape.

Landscape miniature jungle

Hiking is my interest, waterfall is a bonus.

By having this thought, I enjoyed this trip very much.

I set a target for myself, the requirement for a fall must accompany with long hours of trekking or I may skip it unless I’m going for a photography purpose.

Rough but gentle flowcooling method

Touch base with water currentfor massaging effect

Fit visitorsthose has passed 3 hours of trial

Even though its look relax, but in fact, our trip was welcome by many swarm of bees. They were not targeting on our sweaty stuffs like bag, socks, shirt and etc. Very annoying. My first time encountered so many of them.

Going forward, I’ll any chances to visit more waterfalls. It would never get enough for jungle trekking for me even though no other purpose of training in every weekend. LOL.