A year after my success in conquered legendary Gunung Datuk, I’m UP to the top mountain again! It’s different expectation after I’ve successfully completed few major tough mountains since a year.

Expedition to Gunung Datuk @ Rembau

17 November 2010

Many people around me talking about this mountain whereas it was well known as good training ground for Mt Kinabalu. Many hikers (beginner) would like to give a try here.

Facilities for car park was well built compare to last year. However, toilet & shower was still a big disappointment because water tap is not working for most and dirty. But it was FREE … what to do?

Tough is moderate, most likely can be reach the top within 2 hours plus.

My visits to Gunung Datuk this round was come with few surprises.

First is entrance fees is somehow wasn’t collected because of Muslim’s public holiday.

Another was someone from the group of hikers that day went to ask me whether I’m the one who wrote in DeXXy.Net. He was able recognized me and he used to read my post to get the direction here. Not only was this mountain info useful but other mountains as well.

What a day for me! Keep up my good work, I told myself.

Key landmarkthe entrance

Normally weekend attracts a big group, however, public holiday even more. A group of mine was lead by Alvin Chang who was familiar with the trek. Started early from KL, we reached at 8.45am and get ready.

There were many new people I met today. Mostly from friend’s friend.

Leader’s speechintroducing to each others

A small damstarting point

Venture into junglepart of the challenge

The first 30 minutes was a real test while the remaining has to be consistent because it’s all the way UP.

Rest areatalk, drink, eat, all you want

Not a fancy wild plantbut here it goes

Barely two hours to complete, we finally reached boulder where the ends meet. Again, it took quite a while to get up to the top of the mountain with flock of peoples lining up.

Sighting bouldersign of reaching soon

Key challengeladder climbing

Not many people wanted to climb such high altitude, some remains at Level 2 of boulder. If every hikers went up, I believe its jam like hell. Also quite dangerous to do that.

High enoughstay comfortably watching the scenery

Many opted for highestfeel good stand so high

Top pleasureweather and scenery

Top edgefreedom and angle

And it’s not forgotten my group picture at last. That’s marked my completion of Gunung Datuk in 2 hours.

Group pixYo!

I’ve improved this round of hiking compare to my first attempt here. With quite some mountains in my list of completion while a list of targeting mountain, I’ve a LOT to go actually.

Completing every mountain hike is easy to say than accomplish because during the process, I may curse myself why I’m here. But it’s totally different when I’ve completed one after another. The look-back process is very satisfying and fulfilling.

BE the hiking or climbing, I’ve declared this year 2011 as my hiking year.  And I would like to see how far I can go with this goal.