A new expedition for mountain hiking came with a misty, windy and coolie at Gunung GAP & Ulu Semangkok at start of the year 2011. Two mountains conquered in one trail made my checklist go faster.

8 Jan 2011 | Gunung GAP & Ulu Semangkok

These mountains are located at Fraser Hill and required no longer than a day to complete it. This trip was organized by the famous hiker cum recce master for us to have chance to explore the serenity of the mountains at the same time testing our passion for hiking.

As a dedicated hiker of myself this year, I put a line of mountains list to be completed by year 2011. And gratefully, it was started with awesome highlands weather. Never in my hiking life, was the weather so cooling, misty and windy. Tiredness or exhausting was out of my sight for 6 hours hiking in total.

The day was started with usual meet up at Bangsar McD and drive along the way from KL to Kuala Kubu Bahru. The road leading from KKB will almost end at Fraser Hill. There was our starting point.

Greeted with Welcome signmain entrance

Car park was available along the road side, just nearby the entrance of the trail. It’s not easy to located the trail if you’re not equipped enough with information. Some more, lack of luck on getting a good signboard to show you where you can hike.

Walk towards the starting pointbefore the white house

Entrance looks unconvincing for first timerdark entry to the trail

That morning, it was a heavy rain for about 10 minutes and the weather keep its low temperature for almost our entire trip. The sensation of cooling made the journey less sweat and keeps going for warmer body.

Breezy and wet weatherwhat a wonderful experience

Reaching GAP’s peakbeirut not in sight after get stolen

Frankly say, the time taken to reach GAP was quite reasonable, merely an hour. If we decided to call it a day, it would be a big waste. That’s why we continued to Ulu Semangkok’s peak.

Rest areagot few flat grounds

Mark the borderlinealong the trekking trail

Upon last few streamdownward hike on fallen tree

Slippery was among the challenge faced by most of us. We used a lot of hand exercise holding the trunk, branch and even the root on the trail.

Steep hikea norm for mountain hiking

Misty nature heavenly madewhat the nature can be better offer?

A beirut marked the peak was seenfinally the most awaiting completion

We spent some time in this peak for light chat and lunch. The organizer was prepared those cooking utensil for us, let us bring only food and drinks.

Weather continues to show its wilderness and not long time later, we all felt cold. It was sipped into our nerves system and we all need warm things to hold on. A hot water bottle can be taken as temporary. What a desperado here … LOL.

Raindrop continues to dropour tolerance to low degrees no longer withstand

A quick descendingmade into our way in split of second

An eye opener a big red color millipede

Surprise looks outmonitor lizard

The hike ended at same place where we started. Getting ourselves wash & clean immediately at public washroom at cost of 30 cents nearby there. The dirt sticks to my clothes were unbearable, thanks to the wet weather.

Soon after cleaned up, I walked along the surrounding while waiting others to get wash.

The down the memory bridgeI guess quite well maintained

A sight to this abandoned resortlooks spooky

Nice view of the bridgepro shot can be done here

Road leading to Fraser Hill resortstart from left road

Road leading to Resortcontrol by time schedule

Information board by Tourism Malaysiaworth to read for summary

One thing for sure, there is a hiking trail called Pine Trail which I’m planning to go for it. When the opportunity is there, definitely I would take it. Even though it’s a well-directive trail, nothing can beat the hiking experience in a cold, misty and windy weather.

I’ll be back to Fraser Hill, somewhere this year for event gathering cum hiking. Let’s see how it goes.